Month: May 2015

Our Personal “Song” & the Christ Consciousness – for Earth Mother

Originally posted on For the Earth Blog:
One of the ongoing messages I have received from Earth Mother is about my personal song and how can I be in a place of living more and more in my ‘higher self’. What I mean by ‘higher self’ is being balanced and sourcing from a place of deep compassion and connection with Creation and Mother. When I connect energetically/spiritually with the Great Father, Great Divine Mother and Earth Mother, as is my practice these days, it feels as if my energy body gets infused with such a divine energy. Perhaps my aura is glowing more brightly. Certainly something shifts in my energy body and it feels quite lovely. I deeply believe that part of shifting into a higher spiritual consciousness, call it connection, these days is a deep call to ask the Christ Consciousness to come into our hearts, our lives. I’m not talking about the “Jesus Christ” that fundamentalists have truly warped into something Christ was not. I’m talking about the purest Divine Compassion and Love…

A Talk with Writer/Mystic Mare Cromwell – Frederick News-Post, March 26, 2015

[originally published in the Frederick News-Post, Frederick, Maryland, March 26, 1015. In Messages From Mother … Earth Mother, self-described mystic Mare Cromwell communicated directly with Mother Earth and wrote the book as part of her spiritual work. Because she was too uncomfortable to be upfront about her communication with the spirit world — sometimes referred to as channeling, though she prefers the term downloading — the book tells the story of Sarah who meets Earth Mother. Third person just seemed easier at the time. But for her most recent book, Cromwell essentially transcribed the dialogue between her and Earth Mother and sent it off to be published. The Great Mother Bible: or, I’d Rather Be Gardening will be released by Pamoon Press on April 22 (Earth Day), and although Cromwell thinks some people in the area will be open to it, she’s still a little nervous. “Writing these books has been terrifying,” she admitted. “That’s why the subtitle is I’d Rather Be Gardening.” COMMUNICATING WITH SPIRIT Over a cup of tea at Dublin Roasters, …

The Great Mother Bible – Mother’s Day Weekend Kindle Special – $0.99!

Big Announcement! To honor all mothers, including our personal mothers, Earth Mother and the Great Divine Mother, the ‪#‎Kindle‬ version of The ‪#‎GreatMotherBible‬ will be offered on an extreme ‪#‎discount‬ for ‪#‎MothersDay‬ weekend. Sat, May 9th & Sun, May 10th – $0.99. ‪#‎Goddess‬ And yes, the hard copies are now out too… as of Earth Day, 2015 (April 22nd). You can purchase them online, at your favorite (locally-owned) bookstores or from me directly. Here is the link to the Kindle edition of the book (USA – Amazon, easy to find the book on all Amazon websites also). Hugs, bigLove to all, mare

Message from Mother: What Are You Waiting For? May 3, 2015

Message from Mother: What are you waiting for? What Are You waiting for? Do you see it is now? All you need to do is to take that shovel and start that garden. All you need to do is to knock on the neighbor’s door and invite them over for dinner, regardless of their skin color. Maybe a couple of neighbors. Even have a potluck. All you need to do is get that bike out of the garage and clean the chain and start using it. Put a big basket on the front. Carry groceries home. Take fresh veggies to a friend across town, once you’ve gotten your shovel out and planted the seeds and loved those vegetables up so much your tomatoes are the size of a small melon. And the melons are the size of basketball. All you need to do is get out of being just in your dreams and grab the shovel. It’s good to start with the soil. And good to sing. And drum. And love. Everyday Love. Love me, …