Month: September 2015

Recent Reader Reviews – The Great Mother Bible: “This Book is Off the Charts in Spirituality” (& more)

Originally posted on For the Earth Blog:
It is most humbling the growing number of 5 star reviews for The Great Mother Bible on Amazon and elsewhere. Below is one that was just posted in the past week. This Book is Off the Charts in Spirituality Mare Cromwell’s ‘The Great Mother Bible’” is as new age of a Bible as you can get. The book is a very revealing, intense, humorous, and deeply moving dialogue between her and Earth Mother. It discusses everything under the sun not to mention everything outside the planet including UFO’s, nature spirits, fairies, Christ Consciousness and the deepest heart of Mother Earth to name a few. Mare’s apology from the Sacred Feminine to the Divine Masculine is a moving effort to balance the universe. Her understanding of animals as Creatures Teachers, her practice of the Ho’oponopono Hawaiian prayer, and experiences of Native American traditions are all off the charts. Mother Earth is calling on Mare to help birthed a new world based on the Sacred Mother and Sacred Father’s love.…

Workshop, Sun Oct 24 – Sacred Gardening – Sacred Earth

Originally posted on For the Earth Blog:
To learn more and to register, click here. Sacred Gardening – Sacred Earth A Workshop Black and Blue Salvia and Daisy – Photo (c) Harold Blum   Led by Mare Cromwell Sat, Oct 24th. 10:30am – 4:30pm Sedonaville Retreat Center Lovettsville, VA (near Harpers Ferry) Cost: $95/person.    $85/person- early registration by Oct 16, 2015 In these interesting times the Great Mother is calling us to remember our sacredness and the sacredness of all around us. Our gardens are where we can most intimately rekindle a deeper relationship and reverence for the life around us. Come join us and learn practices that will encourage you to infuse your gardening and your life with a deeper sense of love and connection with all that you do AND all around you. We will talk about connecting with the Creator/Great Mystery and the Great Mother, honoring nature, garden health and planetary healing. The workshop will commence with a simple smudge ceremony and flow into greater joy from there. The workshop will…

Great Mother Love Retreat – Deepening Our Connection with the Great Mother to Midwife the New World

I have gotten a huge nudge from Mother to lead a long weekend retreat in the early part of March, 2016, called: The Great Mother Love Retreat- Deepening Our Connection with the Great Mother to Midwife the New World. (This was to be held at the end of October, 2015, but I have postponed it for a variety of reasons.) This retreat will be a healing journey into embracing the Great Divine Mother, the Virgin Mary, Earth Mother and the Mother/Sacred Feminine from other traditions. We will visit the Sacred Grotto to the Virgin Mary in Emmitsburg, MD, do ceremony, share, dance and more. I feel very deeply that all who will be called to be a part of this retreat will find themselves shifted and more connected with the great healing compassion and Love of the Great Mother, to support their lives in these interesting times. Come join us if you feel called. Stay tuned for more details and registration information as I post it.

Great Mother Bible – Book Review, by Alice Zhou, Vancouver, Canada

I was thrilled and honored to receive this book review of The Great Mother Bible in late July, from Alice Zhou whom I met last year in Vancouver, Canada. Thank you, Alice! And especially thank you for organizing an event for me in Vancouver in early August this summer. The Great Mother Bible I met author and speaker Mare Cromwell last year through a mutual friend. She’s an American woman who transmits messages from Mother Earth in witty dialogue form.  She excitedly shared with me that she has almost finished writing her new book, The Great Mother Bible, and it’s going to kick down some major doors.  I saw hope in her eyes and strong faith in her face.  She sent me a copy of the book a while back and I have finally read it – in one night because I couldn’t put it down.  Here are the juiciest bits: “Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in this multiverse.  As Earth Mother, I come from a family of spiritual beings across the …