[The Great Mother Bible has yet to go to press. Please circle back in several weeks. There will be an Indiegogo Campaign announced to help raise the funds for this book, along with pre-publication orders taken. Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother is the prequel to it. Stay tuned — (Written Dec 1, 2014)]



Order an Autographed Copy of Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother from Mare – Directly!

If you order directly from Pamoon Press, Mare’s publishing house, she will send you an autographed copy of the award-winning Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother.IEx_goldoval_winner300

To order a personal copy (or two or three or more) of the book for $14.95 at a the low shipping fee of only $4.00 for USA orders ($10 for international orders), and pay by credit card — click here.

Or you can send a check for $18.95/copy to Pamoon Press at the address below – USA residents. International residents can send a money order in $US for $24.95.

Maryland Residents, please add state tax of 6% for a total of: $15.85 plus shipping = $19.85.

The e-book version of the book is available also. For Kindle click here.

Send checks to:

Pamoon Press
8114 Pete Wiles Road
Middletown, MD 21769

Please specify to whom the book the book should be autographed. And be sure to include a return address so we know where to ship them!  ;~)

The book is also available in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Brazil and the European Union. You can search the Amazon websites in your nation to order it that way.

If you would like to contact Pamoon Press, the publishing imprint of Matierra LLC, or Mare Cromwell, please send an email to:

mcrom @ safe-mail.net.

Letter correspondence may be sent to:

Pamoon Press
8114 Pete Wiles Road
Middletown, MD 21769

Thank you, blessings …

For the Earth and the Healing,