Great Mother Bible Indiegogo Campaign Launched! … & Radio Show – Tues 3/10

Dear Beautiful Friends,

I’m inviting you to help fund the printing and initial promotional costs of The Great Mother Bible, a book that Earth Mother specifically asked me to write with her (and the Great Divine Mother also) in November, 2013. This truly is a book to complement “The Great Father” Bible. (It is most humbling to share that.)

Most of you know me already. I’m a multi-award-winning author and nature mystic with an environmental background. I have studied for more than 18 years with Native American teachers and have two books published already: If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America and Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother. Recently a rather gifted Native elder referred to me as “The Voice of Earth Mother”.

It’s been a bit of a saga getting the book finalized for printing but I am just about there. And you are invited to join me in this adventure of launching this rather auspicious book. I have created an Indiegogo campaign where there is far more information at this link: (There are some yummy perks too!)

And if your funds are tight, no worries. Please share this information. Ask your local library to carry the book. Send some good energy and prayers. It all helps….

Also, I will be interviewed by the amazing Nancy Ferrari tomorrow on her radio show, at 1pm EST. You can catch us at the link below –

Know that the show will be re-aired the following Sunday (3/15), same time, same network. Thereafter, the show will be part of her show list on iHeartRadio.

Come join us… !

Deepest gratitude,
Hugs, bigLove,