Our Personal “Song” & the Christ Consciousness – for Earth Mother

To share here also… Spiritual reflections on the Christ Consciousness and Earth Mother. xoxox

For the Earth Blog

One of the ongoing messages I have received from Earth Mother is about my personal song and how can I be in a place of living more and more in my ‘higher self’. What I mean by ‘higher self’ is being balanced and sourcing from a place of deep compassion and connection with Creation and Mother.

When I connect energetically/spiritually with the Great Father, Great Divine Mother and Earth Mother, as is my practice these days, it feels as if my energy body gets infused with such a divine energy. Perhaps my aura is glowing more brightly. Certainly something shifts in my energy body and it feels quite lovely.

I deeply believe that part of shifting into a higher spiritual consciousness, call it connection, these days is a deep call to ask the Christ Consciousness to come into our hearts, our lives. I’m not talking about the “Jesus Christ” that…

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