Workshop, Sun Oct 24 – Sacred Gardening – Sacred Earth

Sharing here… another October event I’m leading about our Sacred Earth… this time focusing on Sacred Gardening. xoxox

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Sacred Gardening –

Sacred Earth

A Workshop

Black and Blue Salvia and Daisy - Photo (c) Harold Blum Black and Blue Salvia and Daisy – Photo (c) Harold Blum


Led byMare Cromwell

Sat, Oct 24th. 10:30am – 4:30pm

Sedonaville Retreat Center

Lovettsville, VA (near Harpers Ferry)

Cost: $95/person.

   $85/person- early registration by Oct 16, 2015

In these interesting times the Great Mother is calling us to remember our sacredness and the sacredness of all around us. Our gardens are where we can most intimately rekindle a deeper relationship and reverence for the life around us. Come join us and learn practices that will encourage you to infuse your gardening and your life with a deeper sense of love and connection with all that you do AND all around you. We will talk about connecting with the Creator/Great Mystery and the Great Mother, honoring nature, garden health and planetary healing. The…

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