The Sacred Feminine of the New World – a Poem by Mare

This is another excerpt from “The Great Mother Bible“.

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Several weeks ago I was reading an original poem titled “The New Macho” written by a poet named Boysen Hodgson, a man associated with the ManKind Project. This is an international group that empowers men to heal by intensive warrior weekends based on Native American spiritual practices such as sweat lodges and more.

I looked at this poem and wondered if I just changed the pronouns, would it be the same? People have said to me that the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine are really the same at the very core of what they mean in the highest sense of them. So I played around with the poem and realized it did need some editing from a feminine perspective. [Note: this is an excerpt from The Great Mother Bible.]]

This is what I came up with:

MotherW.Dandelions Artist – Josephine Wall.

The Sacred Feminine of the…

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