These Are the Few Ways We Can Practice Humility… Mother Teresa

Some reflections on being tested and this journey with Mother that can be challenging at times. At times… Glorious other times. Hugs, bigLove to all, mare

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I am sharing this wisdom from Mother Teresa this evening since I’m pondering humility and being kind and gentle under the harshest provocation. A former ‘friend’ got rather mean in a series of texts to me this afternoon since she claims that I’m crazy, etc., etc. I have tried to stop communicating with her in the past because of all the drama she seems to like. But she reached out to me again today. Perhaps she is a reflection of something unresolved in me. Maybe.

She is certainly a teacher to me. I ended our text exchange with how I was sending her love. And how much Mother loves her, as she continued to send venomous messages to me.

My heart goes out to her for the woundedness that she must feel inside to be that mean. Yet I have to set my boundaries. And I know there are others…

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