On Being a Listener – Radio Interview 11/5/13 with Talk2theanimals

Hello beautiful friends,

Janet Roper, gifted animal communicator and radio host of Talk2theanimalsMare10.13.Bester, will be interviewing me tonight, 11/5/13, at 9pm EST (8pm CST, etc). Janet is quite fun and has tremendous gifts as a communicator. Here is the link to listen: http://bit.ly/19T3d93

Janet invited me to contribute a guest blog to her newsletter and I’m sharing it here also. Consider joining us, it promises to be a good interview!

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On Being a Listener

I’ll never forget the first time I heard a plant speak. I’d been studying with a Cherokee teacher for two years and she astounded me with her ability to speak with everything: animals, plants, stones. You name it… she could communicate with it.

I wanted to be able to listen like that. I yearned to speak with my plants in particular. As I lay in my bed one night affirming this desire in my thoughts, a voice went through my mind that was distinctly not one of my normal thoughts. The voice said in a rather pompous tone: “I do not like to be touched!”

Shocked, I tuned in intuitively and realized it came from my large gardenia in the other room. This was one of those gardenias that looked awful at the slightest hint of being dry. It was a high maintenance plant. I quickly came to realize a rather arrogant plant too. But I still loved her. Oh, and her flowers; nothing compares with a gardenia flower!

This was over fifteen years ago. Since that time I’ve received many messages from many plants. Some are messages of love and other times chastisement. One tall Asiatic lily infested with aphids chided me for forgetting to use the organic pesticide I had bought for her. I didn’t even know the plant was aware I had purchased the spray. It’s not as if I showed the spray bottle to the plant outside. Plants (and animals and Spirit) really know everything.

Sometimes I can hear animals but they are more challenging for me. I’ve come to learn that everything has consciousness. Some of my friends can communicate with stones and this is starting to wake up within me. Stones carry great wisdom since they are so ancient. They are called the ‘grandfathers’ in most Native American sweat lodge ceremonies for their wisdom.

But is it possible for us to tune in and listen to our Earth also? Does She have her own consciousness, distinctly different than all the beings and stones on Her? Native peoples all over the world believe so. Yet most raised in the Western World judge that a fairy tale.

I’ve been studying with Native American teachers for almost eighteen years now. Several of these medicine people have told me of their communications with Earth Mother. One medicine man related how Earth Mother appeared as a column of shimmery white light in front of him on a trail in a forest. She introduced Herself as Gaia and they had a remarkable conversation. Shortly after that, things happened in this medicine man’s life that were more than magical.

It’s challenging to discern to whom we are listening when we hear Spirit. Several medicine people have affirmed I’m one of those people closely tuned in with Earth Mother.

But regardless whether one can tune in to Earth Mother, I do believe it is time for us to reconnect with Her as a global society. It’s time for us to give our Love back to Her, with all She gifts us with. We’ve forgotten how to do this, how to honor Her in how we live. It’s time for us to remember … for ourselves and future generations. In remembering we can begin to heal all the devastation we have caused. What is amazing is that this will, in turn, heal us.