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Message from Mother Gaia on the day of the Solar Eclipse, 8/21/17

My children, my beloved children, How I love you so much! This day of the eclipse is a significant one for me and for all of you, whether you realize it or not. This is a good day to be kind to yourself. To be kind to others. To offer Love and Compassion to yourself and others. It is a good day to Forgive, yourself! And others, too. It is a good day to pray, however you know how to pray. Let go of your guilt. Let go of your shame. You are all such beloved, beloved children of mine here on me. Beloved children of the Creator too. You are infinite Love too! It’s just that most of you were never taught that. It is a good day to be in stillness in your minds, your hearts, your soul centers. Stillness. Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself. Know that you are part of the One. I am part of the One. The Age of Separation is coming to an end and this …

Message from Mother Gaia: Please Find Your Inner Peace. Do Not Feed the Grid of Fear. 8/15/17

Message from Mother Gaia today: My children, my beloved children, Please calm your minds. Please find your inner peace. Please find a peaceful corner in your lives, inside or outside and get in touch with your inner peace. Outside with a tree is better. Please find your inner stillness. Now is the time to do this. Now is the time. Please do this. If just about everyone one of you found your inner stillness in this moment, do you know how much peace would ripple out across me and help bring peace into the world where it is so needed? Some of your elected ones have a hard time doing this and your finding your inner peace will help calm them down. If even half of you found your inner stillness in this moment, it would still make a huge difference. Do you not see or feel how your emotions are feeding the chaos and fear that is heightening? There is a grid of energy that circles the planet and your collective emotions feed it …

Message from Mother Gaia – During Double Eclipse Intensity. 8/9/17

#EarthmotherMessages – From Mother #Gaia. My children, my children, I love you so much. Yes, these are intense times and many of you feel squeezed as if you are being pushed between the eye of a needle. Breathe, my beautiful ones. Know that things are not what they seem and breathe. Connect with my limitless Love that I have for you. Shed, shed, shed, shed those fears of change. Celebrate each moment, each flower, each sweet drop of water in your life. The truth is that you are Love. You are Loved by myself and Mother-Father God. You are beautiful. You are going to make it through this time. You are! Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself, love yourself. Be gentle, gentle, gentle, gentle with yourself. Love.Yourself. Forgive.Yourself. Forgive all. All. Connect with me, your true Mother here on Earth. Touch me with your bare feet, with the trees, the flowers, the bees and more. They are all blowing kisses at you everytime you walk by them, but you just never learned that. I am …

Recent Message from Mother on Crop Circles on YouTube & Where to Catch Other Messages (more than here these days… ;~) xoxox

Beautiful ones, I’m not finding the time to post all the messages that are coming in from Mother here on this blog as much as I would like. Stretched a bit thin with event organizing, paperwork, etc. But the conversations between myself and Mother Gaia are intense these days. And fun and good. If you want to track me and the more simple messages – please friend or follow me on Facebook. I’ve also posted a recent message from Mother about her angle on Crop Circles on YouTube and will be doing more there in the coming weeks and months. There are others there from the past year, plus too. Plus some of these messages are ones that Mother is encouraging me to ask folks to pay a small fee for accessing. Some of those can be found here on my website from the winter (2017). Mother is ramping it up with me and keeping me more than busy! Hugs, bigLove to all, Mare

Trust! There is a Beautiful New World Being Born Now… Latest Msg from Earth Mother 1/12/17

I and another gifted friend reached out to Earth Mother late on Thurs evening. The energies have been so intense yet we’ve been observing some very positive signs also. Mother gave us some significant messages and asked me to put them out to the world via YouTube on Friday.