Happy Earth Mother’s Day – 2014, for All Our Relations and the Nigerian Daughters

West African Goddess – Yemaya (known by different names) revered wherever African peoples were brought by force to the New World – N & S. America’s. http://blkwomenart.com/post/49030686330/sailorgil-yemaya-the-mermaid-goddess – Artist- Maria Giulia Alemanno


Happy Mother’s Day…
Happy Earth Mother’s Day…
Happy joyous day of procreativity, kindness, gentleness, compassionate Sacred Feminine spiritual energies and more day to All Our Relations and all (including standing ones — trees –, flowers, bees, even mosquitoes, grizzly bears, elephants, celestial beings, nature spirits and even more).
Happy Maternal Ancestors Day…
Happy Great Mother Day, to the Virgin Mary, Durga, Kuan Yin, Yemaya, Aphrodite, Valkyrie, Our Lady of Guadalupe and on and on and on… including the Great Mother herself.
— THANK YOU, Deep gratitude, So much Divine Love and more to all of you and us and more.

And prayers and visualizations that the mothers and fathers and daughters in Nigeria are reunited very soon… very very soon.

ps. below is a piece I was guided by Mother to write up for Mother’s Day to be posted by Janet Roper in her blog at Talk2theAnimals. Janet is a very gifted animal communicator based out of Minnesota, with a radio show, e-zine and more.