Great Mother Bible – Book Review, by Alice Zhou, Vancouver, Canada

I was thrilled and honored to receive this book review of The Great Mother Bible in late July, from Alice Zhou whom I met last year in Vancouver, Canada. Thank you, Alice! And especially thank you for organizing an event for me in Vancouver in early August this summer.
The Great Mother Bible

I met author and speaker Mare Cromwell last year through a mutual friend. She’s an American woman who transmits messages from Mother Earth in witty dialogue form.  She excitedly shared with me that she has almost finished writing her new book, The Great Mother Bible, and it’s going to kick down some major doors.  I saw hope in her eyes and strong faith in her face.  She sent me a copy of the book a while back and I have finally read it – in one night because I couldn’t put it down.  Here are the juiciest bits:

“Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in this multiverse.  As Earth Mother, I come from a family of spiritual beings across the universe who do things such as Planetary Caretaking, or other large jobs.  We are very, very ancient spiritual consciousnesses.  We have been around in the universe for many, many billions of years.  When this solar system was first forming, a council was held, including some of us qualified to do Planetary Caretaker work, and it was decided that I would be the Caretaker for this planet.  It was rather an honour to be given this responsibility since it had also been decided by some larger councils that this particular planet would be one of extraordinary beauty and spiritual energy.  You see, Earth is considered one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe.”

Each person also signed a soul contract before they reincarnated into this lifetime, but they also have free will.  Many of our current behaviour could be residue of the trauma experienced in our previous life times.  Our fear to speak, of intimacy, authority, etc.  The universe is the greatest recycler of all, as all are connected.  As many original people believe around the world, the mineral, animals, weather and elements are all connected on earth.  Of all forces on earth, nothing exists in isolation.  There are energy webs that link all weathers and living beings together.  This web of life is spiritual, sacred, physical – emotional even! All waste from one being is food for another.  Even your soul is cycled again through reincarnation.  So when indigenous people say “All my relations”, they’re talking about a beautiful dance of Sacred Love that connects all people with all the other beautiful sacred beings here in a way that honours and bows to humanity, to all of it, to all the Great Mystery of it.

First is the understanding that there is enough for everyone if you all truly knew how to live in community, if you prioritized the community’s needs over your own individualistic needs.  The second is greater compassion.  The third is how everything is infused with sacred energy.
Aliens definitely exist and have been visiting Earth before humans evolved to our current state.

Money is just energy.  Some of you know that and have been working on prayer; manifesting abundance; holding good intentions, and all sorts of other positive ways to move energy for a variety of purposes.  The movie and book “The Secret” had some truth in it, but it was missing a big piece, which is COMMUNITY.  So many of these humans took the spiritual principles of prayer, intentions and manifestation, and have focused on accumulating more stuff.  Many have been successful at accumulating more stuff.  Certainly some have been using those principles of prayer and manifesting to serve the higher good.  But not all by any means.  And there we are again, a few with too much stuff and many with not enough stuff.  Energy is supposed to move.  Energy is not supposed to sit in bank accounts and get bigger.  It’s supposed to move like a river.  It’s never supposed to be held trapped. (By the way, rivers that have been dammed are very unhappy rivers and yearn to run free again too).

I love all my dragons and they actually did exist here on me physically.  The last one vibrated out into a higher dimension a number of centuries ago. You all would call it going extinct but when a species disappears from here in the physical, they don’t disappear from the universe.  They still exist in another dimension, and when the time is right, they will return here into the physical.  So the dragons were relegated to the realms of fairy tales along with the fairies, themselves.  All of my spiritual beings, the thunder beings, elementals in charge of the weather, and countless entities beyond that were relegated to children’s stories.  Yet, the truth is that all of these actually exist here.  But because of how the past several thousand years have played out, with most two-legged dishonouring me and all the spiritual beings who are part of me, my beloved, beloved nature spirits have been forced to pull back into various wild corners of me that have remained protected.  They are waiting for the New World that is coming in so they can return to their former home territories to help heal all the wounded corners on me.  That is part of the work they do with me; they weave the energies of a place back together to promote more seedlings; more soil buildup, more love into the land.  People feel better after hiking in the forest; yet attribute it to the fresh air, unaware of the beautiful energies of the nature spirits.

The nature spirits have a psychic hotline that travels the planet very quickly.  It makes your Internet look antiquated.  Most of these beings are as ancient as I am.  I have worked very closely with all of them to help move evolution along, the manifestation of evolution fueled by the Quantum Divine Love of Creation and myself.  It’s always been a co-creative effort.  Not hierarchical at all.  There used to be villages all over the world with medicine people, some might call them shamans.  They worked hard to keep things in balance on me.  The weather nature spirits are mighty angry about the lack of respect humans have shown to the natural world, as they have their own emotions, so they’re whipping up typhoon and hurricane.  There is not much I can do to control their anger, as I’m only a member of the council.
There is another piece to this, too.  Your emotions, your collective human emotions of anger, frustration, judgmental thinking, unbalanced egos, jealousy and other more base ways of thinking influence the weather (and earthquakes).  Everything is connected spiritually and energetically as I’ve been sharing.  If so many of you continue to live your lives spinning in your shadow self, it will encourage worse storms and droughts.  There is a significant resonance to your emotions that the elementals pick up on, and the dance takes off from there.  It’s all energy and all so connected.  And each of you has a choice in the dance.  All day long you have the choices.

If you want to help appease these elementals and other nature spirits, do all you can to come back into balance on me.  Living from the philosophy of All My Relations also honours the nature spirits.  Learn how to connect with me spiritually.  Focus on your spiritual life and offer more kindness, forgiveness, and compassion and cultivate your inner peace.  Live far more simply and in community, taking into consideration the next seven generations in your actions.  Rediscover the sacredness of who you are and who I am as your Planetary Caretaker.  In doing those things you can raise your vibrations, enhance your personal song.  Come together and drum.  Did you know the drum is my heartbeat?
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