Message 20 – Mother’s Message – Christmas morning – 12/25/12

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Dear Beloved Beloveds,

If you are on a healing path, then you are already a healer. You already have the capacity to bring healing energy to all that you do, when you are conscious and staying in the moment of giving.

Of course, there are going to be moments when you are not in the healer mode but instead you are in need of being healed. Being loved. For healing energy is Love energy. And when you connect with me, your Mother, then you are bringing my Love energy into your Love energy. It’s a Love Pahtay… Ha! Like that.

So, when you connect with me and my Love, then all that you are doing in full mindfulness is bringing my Love with it. For instance, if you are cooking mashed potatoes, you can Love those potatoes and butter and milk and make the most amazing mashed potatoes ever. Don’t forget the salt though.

But really, you can focus on acknowledging and loving that those potatoes grew in sacred ground, for all ground is sacred really … though your culture, ah, has forgotten this reality. And the milk came from sacred cows. Ha! You all have something about ‘sacred cows.’ This is not one of those sacred cows. More like the sacred cows that wander the streets of India eating all the paper trash and banana peels they can find in the gutters. Not a very sacred diet in my mind, but if trash and banana peels are sacred too, which–technically–they are, then those are the sacred type of cows where you can get your sacred milk for your sacred mashed potatoes. Good luck milking those cows though.

So where were we? Oh, yes. We were talking about connecting with my Love energy to do your cooking. And being with your family members on mornings such as Christmas when usually you feel rather triggered by them. If you walk in knowing that you don’t need to be triggered and focus instead on carrying healing Love energy, very connected with me, then it just might be a beautiful Loving experience.

Try it. You might like it.


love you, love you buckets and buckets of sacred milk-wise.