Message 19 – DANCE! Go Get Silly!

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Dear beautiful ones, my beloved two-leggeds,

I would so love for you all to Dance! Dance as you go down the aisles of the grocery store. Dance on the way to the bathroom. Jiggle your bodies while you sit on the toilet even.

You are all so much in your heads and your busy monkey-minds that you’ve forgotten about your bodies and all your organs and the need for all that beautiful blood in you to flow. Not to mention all that glorious energy in your bodies.

Get out the music, stomp around the room… Get out a drum even, if you can’t move your body very well. Beat the drum to the heart beat. My heartbeat. My big old Earth heartbeat. I  LOVE it when you dance and drum and jiggle your bootie. Even on the toilet. ;~)

Love, Love to all!

So much love!