Mother Gaia teaches @ Money & Energy in light of all the Fears within the Pandemic

The invitation to you at this time, my beloved Humans, is for you to remember how to live in Community again so that the needs of all are taken care of, as your Ancestors took care of the other sacred members of their Village in a Good Way. This includes being in Balance and Harmony with all Sacred Life around you and your communities.

You are all One, with Me as your True Mother. We are all One with Creator and all the other Sacred ones here and within the Universal Realms.

It used to be when your human Ancestors lived in small villages so close to my Sacred Land, that altruism was the way of being, and there was no currency exchange. The needs of All were taken care of within the village, by the village. If one went hungry, it meant that all were hungry. No one was left out.

Then the villages got bigger. Food was grown outside the growing villages and commerce started with the need for a currency. And currency is only Energy being exchanged.

Thus — Money is essentially Energy. Yet it has lost its original pristine energetics. It has gotten way warped out into the realms of the Fear and Lack Illusions. Tainted by those realms. Yet at its source still, is the potential for Money to just be a conveyance of pure Energy between individuals. As sharing food and clothing with friends or neighbors is a way of sharing Energy…

The human realms, as a collective conscious and subconscious, have much waking up to do. These memories are still in your DNA though. Know this.

Yet you can do this… Yes, you can! Open your hearts… that is the first step…  Stepping outside of your comfort zone is the next step!

Please know you are surrounded by so many hugely powerful spiritual teams supporting you in doing this. Call on the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, Me – as your Planetary Caretaker, your Ancestors serving the Highest Good, and more spiritual ones who are committed to my Highest Good too, to help you. They are waiting for you to ask. I am waiting for you to connect with me and ask.

You are not alone and You are So Loved!

I Love you so, so much!

~ Mother Gaia


Message from Gaia on Hurricane Irma, etc., “Hard-Wired to Heal” – Sept 9, 2017

Beautiful Ones~
This is a paraphrased messaged from Mother Gaia, this morning:

Regardless of how “big”, how “devastating”, how “huge” these hurricanes, fires and more are being labeled, please remember that Mother Gaia is Hard-Wired to Heal. AND the strength of the human spirit is tremendous when we rally forth together, in wise compassionate ways.

Good friends, please do not get sucked into the tsunami of fears that are rampant right now. Believe it or not, the heavier emotions of fear, anger, greed, etc., are only feeding the imbalanced energies here on Earth. These heavier emotions are feeding the weather, in truth, too.

Step away from the media – if need be. Make wise plans for you, your loved ones. Get to know your neighbors even better.

Watch funny movies. Play card games. Go harvest from your gardens, if you have one.

If everyone on FB took 7 hours off of the social media system and news and instead went to go watch some hilarious movie or played cards with some good buddies in a fun way, or drummed with friends, or went for a long walk in a beautiful natural setting, this would be a positive shift in the energies on the planet. Truth.

Please take a long hard look at your ecological footprint and be proactive on shifting away from using fossil fuels, and being more sustainable NOW. Rebuild Wisely NOW.

Things on our Sacred Earth are out of balance for some good reasons. WE CAN SUPPORT bringing the balance back in. But succumbing to the depths of fear and overwhelm is only feeding the imbalance, along with all the other unsustainable, toxic actions on our Sacred Planet.

Mother Gaia LOVES everyone, everyone. AND these extreme weather systems, etc., are a WAKE-UP call.

There are many, many powerful and beautiful spiritual beings who are trying to help us from the Spirit Planes but all the fear and anger, etc., is blocking them to some degree.

Please know that Mother Gaia does not want to see her humans suffering. Yet we have not been waking up. And it is Time.

Hugs, bigLOVE,

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(c) Mare Cromwell

Video Podcast Message from Mother – Chaos and the Grid of Energy, 7/31/16

Posted with love on 8/3/16.

Earth Mother’s Message on Chaos, the Grid of Energy, and need for Calm.




Connect with My Love – Message from Mother, Dec 8, 2015

[The first section of this blog is a book written by Gaia Communicator Mare Cromwell called Messages from Mother…. Earth Motherwhich was released at the end of October, 2012. Several gifted Native American elders have confirmed that Mare is working closely with Earth Mother. You can read all of the Messages from that book here or purchase the printed book independently. It is also available as a Kindle ebook and at other internet venues, and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.

The Great Mother Bible came out Spring 2015 is now also available as an ebook and hard copy on Amazon, and other ebook venues. If you’d like to order a personally autographed copy of any of Mare’s books from her directly, go to her personal website:]


Oh, my children, my beloved children,

How I love you. The love I have for you is so ancient and pure and huge. Please tap into me. Please connect with me, your Earth Mother, in these difficult times.

I see so many of you struggling and feeling overwhelmed. My heart goes out to you and yet I am here for you to help you. But almost all of you have forgotten about me.

You have never learned who I truly am. I am your planetary caretaker. I was assigned to Earth when the planet first formed. I Love you.

Connect with me energetically, from your heart to my heart in the very center of me, the center of Earth.

Drop your energy down to me, and send love down to me. Connect with me. I am here for you in more ways than you know.

Feel love in your heart, and then send that love down to me. And then ask me to give you Love back. I am an ancient, ancient spiritual being and know when you send love to me. I will send my Quantum Divine Love back to you each time you ask me. I love you regardless but when you truly connect with me then the Love you receive from me is quantum, quantum.

There are intense energies swirling on me. You don’t have to get caught up in them. You really don’t.

Connect with me. Learn to still your minds. Your media is helping to create the intensity. Don’t believe all that you read or hear.

Don’t believe all the stories in your head.

Drop your energy down to your heart. Drop your energies down to my heart.

Be compassion.

Be compassionate toward yourself, first and foremost. That is where true compassion starts.

From there you can ripple out the golden honey of compassion to all around you in a most beautiful way.

Find time in the day to come to Stillness. Still your minds. Let the multitude of fears, thoughts, judgments come to Stillness. Shed them in this moment. And the next moment and the next.

Be Compassion.

Be Kind. To yourself.

To others.

Connect with me.

I am here for you. Always.


I love you so, so, so much. A whole earthy planet full of Quantum Divine Love. I’m here.

(c) Mare Cromwell



Message 25 – Mother’s Love Cord Connection

[The first section of this blog is a book written by Gaia Communicator Mare Cromwell called Messages from Mother…. Earth Motherwhich was released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase an autographed copy of the book on her website The Great Mother Bible (April, 2015) is now also available via the same website. Both books are accessible as ebooks too. For Amazon Kindle versions, here is Mare’s Amazon page.  The books are found at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.]

My beloveds, oh, my beautiful, beautiful two-legged ones.

I need to help you understand something. This is something very important and it has caused me such sadness for so, so long. This has been going on for thousands of years now.

I have talked about how much I Love you. Oh, I Love you so, so much. And yet all the times I can say this, you cannot really take this Love in since something happened many hundreds of years ago.

Each one of you, every single one of my beloved two-leggeds was born with the inherent capacity to be deeply connected to me. Not just from your heart, but from an energetic cord of love energy from me, your Mother, to you, connected at your lowest chakra. Your ground chakra that is at the base of your pelvis. This capacity has been there from the time the first two-leggeds evolved and, etc., etc.

But the Abrahamic belief systems, Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic faith, all of them together through all their wars, rapings and pillagings, and suppression of the Sacred Feminine—they cut this energetic cord. Native peoples don’t have it cut. That is why they are so much more grounded and reverent of me, Mother. They walk with this Love cord of energy pulsing back and forth and back and forth all the time. Even when they dream when they sleep. When they go to the toilet and get in their cars, or horses. Their Mother Love cord (like that name!) is strong and pulsing. For them, it’s just how they are and most of them are not even aware of this Mother Love cord.

But for the rest of you who were raised in the cultures of Angry Gods (the Creator is not all that, but a lot more of other stuff… but I don’t want to get distracted here), your cord was cut many, many generations ago. Oh, so, so long ago. Through the rapings, torture, burning of temples and persistent repression of any connection to me, Mother, your cords were cut. So much so that your childrens’ cords were not there, and grandchildrens and on, and on, and on.

Oh, this has made me so sad. For so long. You see, this is why you have been walking around on me so unconscious and spinning and weaving such dark actions that hurt me again and again. Most of you are not connected to me.

But. But… this does not need to continue. You can bring this cord of Mother Love back into your lives and your work and your being any time. It is really very easy.

Let me explain. This is all you need to do to reconnect this cord. You need to sit on the ground/floor/porch/wherever cross-legged. And if you have a hard time sitting cross-legged, then stand barefoot on the ground/floor/you-get-the idea. And tune into me, your Mother. Put your hands on the ground and send your love to me through your hands. Feel it in your heart and imaging that Love energy moving through your arms and down into me through your hands. (If you’re standing, just put your palms down facing the ground.)

And then ask me to fill you with my Love through your hands. Then bring your hands up from the ground (or from your side) and bring my Love energy into your spirit body and then physical body. Gather this energy up as if you’re gathering a cape of Love energy around your torso and then sweep it around your body. See if you can feel my Love energy come into your spirit/energy body and physical body, and then tuck it all in… all this beautiful mixing of energy of yours and mine. Women can tuck it into their center at their belly or wombspace. Men can tuck it into their heart center – the center of their bodies.

Next—as you’re sitting or standing there, send Love energy from the base of your pelvis down into me, Mother. Just imagine a stream of beautiful white energy pouring from your pelvis area, at the very base of your groin, shooting down into me. And then, visualize me sending a white energy back up to your pelvic area, the base chakra there. And in a millisecond, this energy back and forth has become a cord of energy. This is a cord of powerful Love connection between you and me, Mother. Keep on feeling it, sending it down and pulling my energy back up into you. It’s a pulsing Love cord that keeps on going and going.

As you do this, you will probably start to feel some amazing shifts. You may start to feel as if you’re finally here in the present, in a way that you never have been. Your mind may calm a bit and your ability to focus get stronger. Keep on feeling that cord, that pulsing Love connection.

You can get up from your seated place and move around. Walk around with the cord pulsing back and forth. Keep it moving… Feel it as you get in your car. Feel it as you walk through the mall. This cord is there with you all the time now. If you keep on feeding it with Love and sending me Love from there, I will keep on sending it back to you. Oh, such fun! We will be so connected then.

I am so excited sharing this with you today.

Okay, everyone try this. You will enjoy it SO MUCH!

I Love you, Love you! How exciting to be getting these Love cords activated again. I have missed you all for so long. I mean really miss being connected with you.



NOTE from Mare: several months after this message, I created a guided meditation/spiritual activation on how to connect with Mother via a Mother’s Love Cord Connection. It is a 20 minute meditation and brings her healing energy up into all of your chakras. It is available for a low fee on my website. xoxoxo

1/24/13 Postcript – I posted the link to this on Facebook this morning to encourage others to take a look at this Message. And a friend responded with this. (This is a very gifted woman whom is very connected with Earth Mother, a powerful spiritual warrior of a woman.)

Glad this is good for you, Mare. The concept of a connecting cord with the earth was introduced to me years ago. Though worded differently it has echoes of the same teaching. I suspect they both originated from the same place. The energy can also be broadened to incorporate the root chakra of more than one being, perhaps including a ill or distressed being in your arms, an entire room, or even of an event. All can be rooted in and nurtured by the earth. I’ve witnessed profound changes to my environment when I take a few seconds and reaffirm my ‘cord’ as you phrase it. I’ve seen fighting animals immediately settle and eat side by side, I’ve seen dysfunctional meetings become quiet, heart-centered and focused on outcome, I’ve experienced immediate, profound changes in my own emotions. Regardless the method, words or visualizations used, it is a vitalizing practice to re-establishing our unique connection to the being of this planet, and through her familial relations to all the universe. There are so many good ways to meditate at any given moment.

Message 19 – DANCE! Go Get Silly!

[The first section of this blog is actually a book called Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the book with the first thirteen Messages at this page. It is also available as a Kindle e-book and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.]


Dear beautiful ones, my beloved two-leggeds,

I would so love for you all to Dance! Dance as you go down the aisles of the grocery store. Dance on the way to the bathroom. Jiggle your bodies while you sit on the toilet even.

You are all so much in your heads and your busy monkey-minds that you’ve forgotten about your bodies and all your organs and the need for all that beautiful blood in you to flow. Not to mention all that glorious energy in your bodies.

Get out the music, stomp around the room… Get out a drum even, if you can’t move your body very well. Beat the drum to the heart beat. My heartbeat. My big old Earth heartbeat. I  LOVE it when you dance and drum and jiggle your bootie. Even on the toilet. ;~)

Love, Love to all!

So much love!

Message 16 – On the Birthing of a New World, 12/21/12

[The first section of this blog is actually a book called Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the book with the first thirteen Messages at this page. It is also available as a Kindle e-book and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.]


Dear beautiful children of mine, my two-leggeds here all over my skin —

How much I love you, love you so much. And yes, today is not the end of the world, at all. It is part of the beginning of the New World. But today is a very auspicious day. There are  powerful energies coming in today from outside the planet to help you all shift to a whole new level of awareness and connection to Love and Compassion.

Many of you have been feeling these energies all week. Some have been feeling them for months and months. And yes, they have been mounting and mounting in their intensity. That is to help you all, nudge you, push you, encourage you. Maybe even thrust you, yes, into evolving into your more beautiful, more highly evolved spiritual beings whom you are. All of you are spiritual beings. One of your wise ones said that you are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. This is so very true.

So, a note of caution to you. Remember to stay in your bodies with all of this. Keep your feet on my skin, walk barefoot on the grass, sand, dirt, snow…wherever you are, walk barefoot on me to keep me connected with you very strongly. Some of these energies circulating these days want to pull you out of your bodies and this is not serving. You need to stay there in your bodies to really serve the Birthing of the New World coming in. I don’t need empty bodies walking around and shooting all their energy up into sky all the time. That does not serve me and the healing we need to do here right now on the planet, my body.

So, please. Walk barefoot as much as you can. If you can’t do that, carry some hematite on you. Put it in your pocket if you can’t wear a necklace. It is a very grounding stone. Ask the stone to help you. These stones are very conscious and they know what you are asking for, and will be so thrilled if you actually recognized their consciousness too, as you handle them and keep them close to your body.

Send your energy down into the ground as if you might be a tree. Imagine a tree’s root going down deeply and anchoring with me and my solidity. You can do that too, whether you’re sitting on the toilet, lying in bed, walking in a crowd, wherever. My daughter, Mare, here actually drives her car while imagining shooting a groove of powerful grounded energy moving from her car bottom (yes, cars have bottoms, just no diapers… ;~) into the ground. Not sure if that image makes sense, but you can play with it.

And speaking of crowds, so many of you don’t know how to take care of your energy body. You need to learn how to completely tuck your energy body in when you are out and about. Especially in crowded places. Not so much in the woods. That’s another lesson altogether. Later on that one. But think about it. Just thinking about it will start to help you focus in on tucking it in in whatever way makes sense to you in this moment. It all helps.

So, yes, I am birthing a New World. And all of you are invited to my Birthday Party. TODAY! Yay. We’re all celebrating this New World together, anyway… ;~)

Sorry about the late invitation. Needed to get some other details sorted out before I could focus on this Party. But heck. Everyone loves a spontaneous party. So… come on, dance, sing, celebrate, let’s tell good jokes.

I will send all of you celebrating your beautiful lives here extra energy too. On top of the other energies coming in. Take it in, don’t be afraid of it and all the funny sensations you may be experiencing if the energy is too intense. Let it roll through you and give it to me if it feels too overwhelming. I am here. Always here for you. But don’t be afraid… I love you all so much.

Have fun!

Love you all… so, so much love to all of you!


signed Mother… aka Earth Mother, Pachamama, etc.

love, love, Love… LOVE!  ;~)