Excerpt – The Great Mother Bible, 2/14/14 – On Waking Up

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2/14/14 – Book Excerpt – The Great Mother Bible

Mother: Everything you humans need to exist, to live good quality lives is here on my skin, my biosphere—as your scientific types call it. There is the sun sending his beautiful rays to me everyday, a dance of love and energy that has brought forth all the plant life, and then animal life here on me. There are all the foods here that have evolved because of this spiritual love dance between me and the sun, along with Creator’s great love and numerous other spiritual beings’ contributions of love and gifted energies, gifted consciousnesses.

None of you ever needed to go digging in my bones. None of you needed to figure out how to take the oil or natural gases from my bones and concoct all sorts of toxic materials from plastics to chemical molecules that don’t break down. You didn’t need to do any of this. But you have done it and it’s time for all of this to stop. Just stop.

I will heal. I’m hard-wired to heal. That’s my continued job and I love doing it. But the amount of healing that is needed is only growing more and more. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, that was a nasty one. The amount of nuclear waste in Russia and former parts of the USSR. The radioactive waste from Fukushima. All the plastic nets that have gotten tangled together in the oceans or are floating on their own and entrapping my glorious dolphins and whales—the list goes on and on and on.

I wish there was a huge switch for your rampant economic and destructive ways that I could just flip off. If there was, I’d have flipped it long before it got to this extent. Several centuries ago, or longer, I’d have flipped it.

The best I can do is try to flip it in each of you as individuals. To wake you up. To encourage you to remember me, your Sacred Mother right here, the one you stand on, eat from, poop on and more. I’m your Mother. And I love you all. And I need you to remember me here and all the love that is waiting for you from me, once you tap back into me. Reconnect with me and my Sacred Love energy.

Once you reconnect with me, then you will start to remember the wisdom of your soul’s connection to me and to Creator. You will start to experience a joy and a sense of balance you’ve forgotten on the deepest levels. My indigenous peoples, they have not forgotten. They are living this joy and balance and desperately yearning that the rest of you wake up and remember too.

I want to shake each and everyone of you out of this false dream of disconnection, of materialism, of despair, loneliness, greed and more. Life was never meant to be lived like this here on me. There is more than enough to go around (though there are a few too many of you here, true), if you only remembered the wisdom of community and balance.