Creating an Altar to the Great Mother

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It’s a cold, rainy Saturday in January here in Maryland. And I’m being guided to post some sharings here, spiritual ways to enhance a person’s relationship with the Great Mother. I’m trying to avoid using the term ‘teachings’ since we are all teachers with each other. I am no better than anyone else in sharing this. This is a very humbling journey I am on… truly. You can thank Mother/Great Mystery for what I’m being guided to share. Big Love to all of you.

Sharing – January 11, 2014

Creating an Altar to the Great Mother

(Note, Mare is now offering Great Mother Altar Pouches so that you can create your own altar to the Great Mother. These are blessed, smudged, and instructions are included. To learn more, go to Mare’s website.)

(c) Mare Cromwell
(c) Mare Cromwell
(c) Mare Cromwell
(c) Mare Cromwell

1)    Start with four stones and anything that represents the Great Mother to you. Could be a little statue of Kwan Yin, Virgin Mary, or a Venus of Millendorf replica carving. Anything that speaks to you of the Greatest Goddess. Try to tune into the stones to see if they would like to be part of an altar that you’d like to make. This may take time but after some good practice, you’ll sense whether they want to be part of an altar that you plan to make or not.

  1. There are no shoulds here, and you are not a failure if you can’t tune in. We all have our gifts and it took me, Mare, years to be able to tune into the stones. And I spent a good chunk of those years as a gardener surrounded by the songs of a garden and not frenetic office or city sounds. And I’m still not overly good at it. It depends on the day.

2)    Once you have your stones and Great Mother icon, it is a good thing to start with a prayer to the Spirit/Great Mother/choose your name and ask them to bless you. There are so many traditions that teach how to do this, you can follow what you know (though very few talk about the Great Mother also.) There is no dogma here. Then sourcing this blessing and beautiful spiritual energy you’ve called into your Spirit body, it is time to create your altar.

3)    Starting with East – place a stone there. Then West. Then North. Then South. Then Center the Goddess stone. As you’re placing them, determine which is top or bottom and what is the outer tip of the stones. Place them top up and be consistent as to whether all stones face either out or in. If you can tune into them, they will tell you. But don’t worry if you can’t tune in. Just look at them and see their shape and work from there. (It is beyond the scope of these instructions to go over the significance of outer facing or inner. But good to be consistent.) You can place the Goddess/Great Mother piece in the center so her head faces North.

4)    Once all the stones and the Goddess are in place, put your hand about six or so inches over the stones and move your hand clockwise over the stones seven times clockwise, then seven times counter-clockwise, seven times again clockwise and lastly seven times counter-clockwise. The intention there is to invite the energy/consciousness of the stones to blend with each other in a balanced way. At the end of the four cycles of rotations, pull your hand up bringing the energy up to the Creator/God/Allah. You have just activated the altar. It is good to always go clockwise as you do this, for reasons beyond this teaching.

  1. You can also activate it with a candle and doing the exercise above. Having the candle burning there by the altar will keep the Sacred energy radiating for far longer.

5)    If you need to take an altar apart to move it, simply snap your fingers or clap above it – to deactivate it – and then remove the stones.

6)    Allow yourself time to be with your altar. If you like to smudge or burn incense, that is a beautiful thing to do. But you don’t have to do those. No shoulds. The more time you spend there, praying, meditating, just being still and learning to listen to the inner stillness that is your Sacred Center, the more you will connect with the Sacred outside of you, and especially the Great Mother (who is outside and within you as your Sacred Feminine center also) since this is an altar to Her.

Your life may just be transformed! The Great Mother has so much Love for us. It is beyond words, this Love. Oftentimes this brings magic and sacred mystery beyond words into your life. I can vouch for this. There are more ways to learn how to tap Her Love. You can read my books to learn more or those of other Lovers of the Great Mother/Goddess.

– Hugs, bigLove to all of you! ~ Mare

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