Find Mother’s Messages on YouTube & Facebook — for the Interim. xoxoxox

Hello Beautiful Ones,

This is a message from Mare on Sunday, July 3rd, 2022. I am rather busy these days as my rapport with Mother is closer now than it ever was before and the projects for her are not stopping — only accelerating it seems. ;~)

Thus my capacity to find the time to add new incoming Messages from her onto this blog is rather lacking in the short-term. (Plus I needed to take a hiatus from fall of 2020 – spring of 2021, with a Healing Adventure called Lymphoma.)

My hope is to find a good volunteer who can help transfer the messages here too as they pour through me from Mother, AND I post them on Facebook. And occasionally, when Mother is adamant about this, they become formal “GaiaTeach” videos.

So…. HERE is my Facebook page, to track incoming Messages from Mother there.

And…. HERE is my YouTube Channel for #GaiaTeach videos as Mother prompts me to put the time in to create those.

Please follow me on these online venues for newer Messages, until I can get caught up here. xoxoxox

Note, BIG NEWS! I’m creating a new non-profit at this time called the “Great Mother Love Way, Inc.”, in addition to continuing to teach the “Great Mother Love Way” courses for new and advanced students.

Plus doing Land-Healing work for Mother. Just returned from two weeks in Zambia in June, 2022, focused on that, plus cross-pollenating with Emmi Mutale of Feminine Revered, and working with some students based in South Africa who came up to join Emmi and myself.

Then there is the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid – Oct 22, 2022. And the Sacred Balance Global Grid which took place on March 21st, 2022.

Mother has a Plan, and she is keeping me busy implementing my wee piece of it. We are bringing in the New Earth, and it is getting more and more fun and exciting. Yay!!

Holding all of you in so much love!