Message 26 – On Grief and Joy and Seeds

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Oh, my loves, my loves, yes, it has been some time since I’ve given you a message and yes, it’s now time for another one.

This time, I think you are ready to learn about sorrow and grief, and then joy. Yes, grief and joy.

Oh, I love you so much… so, so much. And it hurts me to see so many of you walking around with such sadness in you. So many of you. Most of you. And this sadness is making you sick. Either sick in your heart or even in your body. It is a heaviness that is festering in you that you don’t need to hold onto so much. Not at all.

Yes, I know there is so much to feel sorrow about. There is so much to be angry about. Even rageful sometimes. It does make sense to me. On so many levels it makes sense to me. The two-leggeds running your chemical companies continue to spew out chemicals. And so many of you have not yet learned how it is not necessary to buy these chemicals to kill my beloved six-leggeds or flowers that most of you call “weeds.”

I understand why a good number of you who do know it is not right to use these chemicals carry this anger and sadness. There are those two-leggeds who continue to think drilling or mining is the right way to go—which it is not at all. And this makes for such sorrow especially when there are oil spills and my rivers and streams and bays and even the entire Gulf of Mexico are covered with all those fossilized liquids that I stored under those rocks layers so long ago. Those fossilized things were supposed to stay under the rock layers.

Yes, I can completely see that this would make so many of you so angry and sad, and rightly so. I’m not so happy about it either.


But all of this sadness. It is a collective heavy energy that is not serving me. Nor the dolphins or whales who are so, so sensitive. It is not serving all the healing work that we need across all of me, all of my lands and waters. I know I’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating.

If I could gather all of you up into a huge yoga class, an absolutely huge yoga class where you could all learn breathing techniques, I would have you all learn something called “Mother’s Letting Go to God and Me” breathing prayers. Not sure where you all could gather for such an event. I guess it could be simulcast into football and soccer stadiums around the world. Maybe that would work.

Anyway, this is an ancient, ancient breathing technique (not as old as I am but still ancient) where you take in several long deep breaths and let them go, and allow for your breathing to go deep, deep into your lungs at the last breath in… and you do this several times.

Then take another deep breath in and imagine all that sorrow that you feel inside of you that has been so heavy, and just let that breath absorb as much of that sorrow as you can, and then exhale it out with great force. A huge force. A planet changing force. Just exhale it out. Give it away … let it go … Again, and again … until you feel that sadness budging and gradually loosening its hold on you.

You can also go out to the trees, the standing ones, and seek their help. They love to help two-leggeds with pure hearts who seek to connect with them. Go to the one that calls to you in the subtle ways that plants work and put your hands on that tree and give it love. Send love into the tree through your hands. And ask the tree if he or she would like to help you with your grief. Ask the tree to take it from you. The odds are really good the tree will be ecstatic to help you. And, believe me, they are very capable of taking it away from you. They can be very good at that. It just fills them with such joy to even be recognized and asked. They so long to be seen as the great wise and powerful beings whom they are.

And if there is anything left of that sadness, the deep grief, imagine your taking it into your arms as if it were a woeful little abandoned child and dance with it. Dance slowly and hold this child in your arms, compassionately, gently—with love. Dance this grief up and down the dance floor and into the hallway and back again, and hold the child close to you, so close the child’s heart beats with your heart and the child calms so in your arms and after enough turns and swings, the child begins to let go and cry in your arms, and just sob and sob. And you hold this child of grief to the point of the last gasping sobs where the child calms down so much that you can put her down into her bed. A bed that you set aside especially for her, knowing that there would come a time when she would release and be spent finally of that overwhelming sorrow, and she could finally really rest. Be still and rest.

And when this child wakes up, he or she will be a different child. There will be a sparkle in her eye and lightness to her that you have never experienced before. She will have let go of so much sadness that she finally broke through to the joy on the other side. Such joy, oh, such beautiful joy. Just tickles me to think of this joy.

You might wonder how it is that you or some of your good friends could experience such a joy in the midst of all of these horrific things on the planet. All the contamination. All of the suicide bombings. All of the disease and starvation and rapings, all of it.

Well, that’s the invitation here—to learn how to carry your sorrow with an equal amount of the capacity to be in the moment, in this very moment of one inhalation and one exhalation and feel a great joy for just being alive. Alive in these dangerous and interesting times of great change. The Great Turning—some of you call it. To carry the moment-to-moment wonder and childlike openness and trust in the goodness of most of the two-leggeds around you. There is such goodness. There are so many beautiful hearts in so many of you.

You see, within each of you lies the seed of this new world being birthed right now. So many of you are birthing together, in groups, collectively. That really is the best way to birth it. Or if you’ve been working alone, you will start finding the other two-leggeds to work with. You are planting the seeds of the beautiful future ahead and this is why you are invited to dance. I encourage you to even get out the drums and drum while some dance. Or most dance. However you like it, but the key thing is to celebrate also, and keep that energy moving so it’s not just a heavy sludge of sorrow that you are all wallowing in. I would so like to see you shake that sludge off.

This New World coming in is a beautiful thing to celebrate. It is… I’m greatly excited about it, myself.

Your community gardens. Your attempts to learn consensus decision-making and listen from the heart. Your attempts and great success at learning compassion and openness and trusting that just about every time you plant a seed, a baby plant will grow from that… oh, yes. Your windmills. Your solar panels that tap the beautiful sun’s energy… the small dams in streams that power mills… so many brilliant things that so many of you all are doing. All the different ways that you are working on healing your society’s dysfunctional ways to be in more balance with my ways, Earth Mother’s ways. It is so beautiful.

So, if you are feeling this terrible sorrow, find a tree. As it for help. Or dance with your grief. And go find those other two-leggeds whom are doing such beautiful work to be more sustainable or community-oriented, if you are not as actively involved as they are yet, and join them. Have celebrations. Have parties. Get out the drums. Create ceremony. Offer tobacco to me and all of my beautiful trees, etc., and dance and move that energy. Move your bodies. Sing. Feel the sadness budge and let some joy into those cracks. Yes, feel some good joy, and let it move all around you, within you, and out of you to others.

Be the beautiful seed carriers whom you are—you really are. Be those two-leggeds whom are learning to love me, your Great Mother, and learning how to live in ways that are so healing, so restorative to all that I am. Yes, you can learn to be a seed carrier and really live it. The seed is in within you already. Already there. Just water it with love and devotion and it will root there and you can grow into being the catalysts for this beautiful new world coming up and out today. Today. This very day.

And tomorrow.

And the next day too.

Dance with it, give it compassion and love. And lots of drumming.

And before you know it… we have a new world. It is here. And there is so little need for sorrow because you’re already made it around the Great Turn. To the other side.


I love you all. Love you so, so much!

With dancing, jiggly-earthiness, beautiful hugs… I love you!

Message 1 – Please love your Mother. That’s me, Earth Mother

[The first section of this blog is a book written by Gaia Communicator Mare Cromwell called Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother, which was released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the printed book independently. It is also available as a Kindle ebook and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites. The Great Mother Bible is now also available as an ebook and hard copy on Amazon, and other ebook venues. If you’d like to order a personally autographed copy of any of Mare’s book from her directly, go to her personal website:]

Source – Facebook

Mother: Sarah, it’s so great to see you back here again. I see Mr. Tufts brought you in off the trail all safe and sound. You have some branches in your hair. But no worries. They look good on you.

Sarah: Thanks, Mother. Yeah, Mr. Tufts can really fly through all that underbrush, considering how tiny his legs are. I was so excited to see him there on the trail waiting for me just now. Plus, the stone turned the most stunning shade of blue-green earlier, back at my apartment. Almost an ocean teal shade with dark blue around the edges. I was watching it all morning to see if or when it would turn and it did! I’m so excited to be here!

Mother: Yes, yes, I promised you that it would. Good, good. Well, I brought us some tea and some ugli fruit cookies.

Sarah: Ugli fruit?

Mother: Yes, they are kind of like an orange, but uglier. And don’t ask me if I made the cookies. I have my ways, you know! The next thing you’ll be asking me is whether I have a kitchen I cook in. I can’t give away all of my secrets. Can’t do that.

As they were talking, Mother pulled out a basket at the base of her bench and proceeded to unpack a beautiful English tea set of bone china along with a matching plate of cookies with a dusted maple sugar coating. She poured each of them a cup of tea and served the cookies. Then she passed out beautifully embroidered pressed napkins. Sarah watched in amazement.

Mother: So, let’s get started. The first message I’d like you to transcribe:

Please, learn to love your Mother. Me, your Earth Mother. I give you all a planet full of love. That’s what all this evolution is, love in action. All these trees and the food you eat and the air you breathe, it’s earthy-love in action. I give all of this to you and love you all so much.

But it is not until you give your love back to me that our relationship can grow. I don’t just mean putting a bumper sticker about loving me on your boxes on wheels. I like those and all that. But I mean really love me. Really feel your love for me. I would like a relationship with each and every one of you. I would.

How do you give your love back to me? One of the best ways is to offer blessings to me. You can offer tobacco at the base of a tree that calls to you. Anywhere. Tobacco has such magical properties. I love tobacco. The good tobacco, hopefully grown organically—you know, without all that toxic stuff that I did not create. Or pour some honey on the ground. Or milk. Any kind of offering. You can do this while saying prayers to me. Thanking me. Or the trees. Even the mosquitoes out there biting you. You can thank them too. Just kidding. I know you two-leggeds don’t like the mosquitoes so much. Oh, well. So it goes.

Native peoples put out ‘spirit plates’ full of food when they have big feasts. This shows their love for me, their giving back. Just an example.

Another way is to burn a little smudge in the morning. Oh, you probably don’t know what smudge is. Well, there are certain herbs that my beautiful two-leggeds who remember the old ways burn. You can just burn ceremonial white sage, or add cedar to it and other herbs too. This is a wonderful way to send prayers and bless your home or apartment. Burning smudge brings in such lovely peaceful energy into your space.

As you’re burning the smudge, it is even more powerful to call out to me and the Great Mystery and tell us that you love us. If you don’t know what smudging is, ask a friend and they’ll tell you. Burning some ceremonial sage is a good place to start. I know some two-leggeds use what are called smudge sticks too.

You can even set up an altar to me. Nothing fancy is needed. Maybe some stones and some animal figurines. That’s all you need. You can light the smudge over the altar and pray to me and the Great Mystery/Creator there. If you want to get fancy, you can put some type of image of the Sacred Feminine or something like that on your altar. I like that.

If you really want to express your love to me and be serious about it, well then it gets more complicated since your culture insists on being so disconnected from me while still living right here on me. A very big step is to wean yourself from those things that you’ve broken my soil or skin and dug into my rock layers or bones to get. Those things you call fossil fuels, uranium, and heavy metals.

Many of you know about this weaning need. But gosh darn it, not all of you have discovered this wisdom. Some of you, mostly two-legged males who wear those funny suits with the tight things around the neck, just have not gotten it yet. But you will—in time, you will.

Hmmm … I know many of you who are clear about this weaning need have been marching and trying to get through to those two-leggeds with the tight things around their necks. I want you to forgive yourselves for the fact that you are still using these fossil fuels, etc. The sound of all of your guilt for driving a car, or eating food that was not grown in your backyard, or whatever, is not a pleasant song to me. The last thing I want is for you to be walking around beating yourself up with a bunch of guilt in your bellies for something you were born into. It was not your decision to start drilling just a wink of time ago. That was someone else who has already died, and he had a good talking to after he passed over. Oh, yeah. His soul knows better now. So, please forgive yourselves, okay?

Now, back to the ways that you can love me. Yes, there are all of those things that you’ve created. What do you call them? Oh, right, chemical compounds. Some of you with very creative minds have concocted these compounds and they keep on hanging around in my soil and floating all over the world in my air and the water. I’m not sure what you were thinking. It’s a violation of one of my laws for something a two-legged concocts to stick around and around and around.

A little aside. One of the things I absolutely love about the Great Mystery’s universe is this thing called entropy. The Creator is so brilliant. This entropy, it’s about how everything is always breaking down and scattering out. It’s the reason that you need to keep on dusting. Entropy has scattered that dust all over, just as it makes bubbles of soap go all over the place into the air. Entropy has helped me so much with evolution. But your chemical compounds are going all over the place too thanks to entropy. I don’t like this.

Some of these chemicals of yours are extremely tiny and they’ve been traveling through the air and in the waters, and darn it, they’re making my frogs sick! I did not create frogs to be born with extra legs. And my poor fish! Some of them are being born both male and female, and this was not my design plan. Many of you two-leggeds are having a hard time making babies too. Or getting disastrously sick. You wonder why?

Others of these bunches of chemical compounds are bigger. The stuff you call plastic? They are messing up my beaches, my swamps, everywhere. My turtles are getting sick eating the plastic waste, and on and on. So ugly.

And they’re killing some of my babies. Nets floating around in the ocean are trapping my whales and dolphins. You’re messing things up, and I really wish you would get some common sense and stop making those things. There are wiser ways, you know.

Don’t you know one of my laws is nothing lasts forever except elements and atoms? Everything goes back to my skin or bones and is used again and again. Almost every single thing is food for something else at some point in time. But somehow most of you did not learn this. I know some of your chemicals do eventually fall apart and break down, but that is only after they’ve messed a lot of things up.

I think I need to set up my own school to teach you how to take care of this world of mine. It will be called Mother’s School. But, no, I suppose I’ve already created that, and it is called Earth. You are all living and breathing it, and supposed to be getting the lessons right now.

Unfortunately, your grades are not very good. At least, for most of you. And some of you are getting very bad grades. Especially those male two-leggeds who sit at those desks inside so far away from my beautiful soil and make decisions about digging into my skin and bones for your so-called fossil fuels. I have some words for those two-leggeds, but I’m going to not say them here. Nope.

But again, please don’t go to that guilt place. That’s really not helpful for you or me. Your culture just started out with some bad ideas not too long ago and then something called greed came in and you all are living with the … well, the ripple effect from those bad ideas. I hope that’s a good way to put it.

Okay. Another way to love me is to go plant trees. Plant more trees. I love my trees! Talk to them as you plant them. Baby them. They are baby trees. Make sure that they are well watered and the soil is good. Check on them. These are young living beings who need TLC. They need to be loved over time just as you do.

You know I really like this sustainability thing some of you are talking about. That is a wonderful way to love me! But you know, it was going on long before you all ever existed and was far beyond your two-leggeds’ ideas of sustainability. It was and still is a planetary dance of life, and energy, and celebration. It’s been a wondrous web for a long, long time. Oh, a delicious, magical, amazing web of my insects, and flowers and trees, and four-leggeds. All my beautiful four-leggeds … and six-leggeds, and finned ones and winged ones. The list is so, so long.

Oh, there are so many ways to love me. It is hard for me to list all the ways in one message. The key is you can just start doing something today.

I guess the most important thing is to realize I am Sacred. I am part of the Great Mystery, just as you are too. But I am your Mother here and my whole planet is about as Sacred as you can get. You can pray to me as well as offering prayers to the Great Mystery/Creator.

I especially love it when you talk with me. All of you. I hear your prayers too. Really I do. And many of you are learning to do this. This makes my heart sing.

Okay, gotta run. Sarah, you’re the best. I love you so much. Maybe next time I’ll bring a joke. That would be fun!

Oh, and why don’t you think of a question to ask me for our next meeting too, okay?

I love all of you!