Voices from Gaia – Webcast Series – Jan 17th – March 7th.

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What do you think the dolphins might have to share during these chaotic times on our Sacred Planet? Or the whales, or trees or owls? Or even the bees. Their intelligence and wisdom is far greater than any of us were taught in school!

I will be interviewing a group of very gifted animal, tree, and other communicators starting Weds, Jan 17th through Weds, March 7th, at 8:00pm EST. (All interviews will be recorded and available to download later.)

We are living in deeply tumultuous times and the sacred beings from these other domains have a rather different perspective and insights about the Earth Changes to educate and support us.

Mother Gaia specifically requested this series to bring forth significant information from other sacred realms upon her, and to encourage us to wake up to the profound web of sacred intelligent life around us.

Register at: Http://voicesfromgaia.org/
There will be a moderate fee to register.
You can always register after the Series starts and you will be sent the links to download the earlier interview files to listen to, to catch up.

Here is the list of communicators:
Linda Shay – dolphin communicator
Pam Montgomery – tree communicator
Mary J. Getten – whale communicator
Marieke Akgül – owl communicator
Jacqueline Freeman – bee communicator
Penny Kelly – fairy/nature spirit communicator
Kelly Lapseritis – Sasquatch communicator
Woody Vaspra – a Hawaiian Elder will teach and share stories on “How we can embrace all beings as family”.

(About me – I am a Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Healer and Author of “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother & “The Great Mother Bible”, etc. Mother Gaia specifically requested this series to bring forth significant information from other sacred realms upon her, and to encourage us to wake up to the profound web of life around us. www.marecromwell.com

If you would like to receive updates about the Webcast series or any of my other events, sign up here: http://mad.ly/signups/67592/join )

For the New World being born at this time and the future generations of all beings!

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Hurricane Harvey – Not Just Climate Change – Message from Mother Gaia, 8/29/17

A message from Mother Gaia/Earth Mother about the hurricane and extreme rains in Texas and surrounding parts at this time. Downloaded by Gaia Priestess and Mystic (author & healer), Mare Cromwell. It is time to come HOME to Mother Gaia and Wake Up. She loves all of us so, so, so much! xoxoxo

Ah… recorded from my bed this morning. Yes, you even get to see my nightgown. Mother has me working hard these days. Oh, yeah.
And I’m not the only one working hard these days to support the Ascension, the New World coming in. There are many of us… a humbling job, to say the least.

Now, please pass the chocolate and I need a nap.
Hugs, bigLove to all,

Trust! There is a Beautiful New World Being Born Now… Latest Msg from Earth Mother 1/12/17

Beautiful ones,

I and another gifted friend reached out to Earth Mother late on Thurs evening. The energies have been so intense yet we’ve been observing some very positive signs also. Mother gave us some significant  messages and asked me to put them out to the world via YouTube on Friday.

You can listen to the recording here.

Also, my latest newsletter has just gone out with announcements of upcoming workshops and more. To access it, go here.

Hugs, bigLove,

Also, if you would like to bring more peace into your life during these challenging times, I heartily recommend chanting the Tara Chant. Calling on Tara, Kuan Yin, and other aspects of the Great Divine Mother from different traditions around the world can help support each of us spiritually.

The Tara Chant in particular has a strong spiritual resonance that can offer us peace an healing energies when chanted for 20 minutes or more. More on the Tara Chant.








Time to Jump In! 6.4.16 Msg from Mother

Message from Earth Mother this am:
It is time to jump in. With both feet. Eyes Open. It is time to shed your fears, your insecurities. It is time for you to remember my Love and the Great Divine Love of Creation. It is. You are all so powerful. So much more powerful than you know. Shed your cultural conditioning of guilt and fear of stepping into your most authentic powerful selves. Shed these heavier energies. You don’t need them anymore, and they’ve been burdening me for way too long.

I Love you all! Dance, shed, drum, cry if you need to. Cathart with art. Oh, I like that one. ;~) I Love you all. It’s time to full on bring this New World in with joy and fun, and I’m helping you all. Tap into me. I’m here for you! So, so much love for you… So much!


Message from Mother: What Are You Waiting For? May 3, 2015

Message from Mother:

What are you waiting for?

What Are You waiting for?

Do you see it is now? All you need to do is to take that shovel and start that garden. All you need to do is to knock on the neighbor’s door and invite them over for dinner, regardless of their skin color. Maybe a couple of neighbors. Even have a potluck. All you need to do is get that bike out of the garage and clean the chain and start using it. Put a big basket on the front. Carry groceries home. Take fresh veggies to a friend across town, once you’ve gotten your shovel out and planted the seeds and loved those vegetables up so much your tomatoes are the size of a small melon. And the melons are the size of basketball.

All you need to do is get out of being just in your dreams and grab the shovel. It’s good to start with the soil. And good to sing. And drum. And love. Everyday Love. Love me, Earth Mother. Love Creation. Love the soil. And even love the grouchy neighbor across the way who’s in pain and could use that Love more than you know.

What are you waiting for?

I love you. I need all of you on board birthing this New World coming in now. All of you.

I love you all so, so, so much!Shovel


Message 26 – On Grief and Joy and Seeds

[The first section of this blog is actually a book called Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the book with the first thirteen Messages at this page. It is also available as a Kindle e-book and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.]

Oh, my loves, my loves, yes, it has been some time since I’ve given you a message and yes, it’s now time for another one.

This time, I think you are ready to learn about sorrow and grief, and then joy. Yes, grief and joy.

Oh, I love you so much… so, so much. And it hurts me to see so many of you walking around with such sadness in you. So many of you. Most of you. And this sadness is making you sick. Either sick in your heart or even in your body. It is a heaviness that is festering in you that you don’t need to hold onto so much. Not at all.

Yes, I know there is so much to feel sorrow about. There is so much to be angry about. Even rageful sometimes. It does make sense to me. On so many levels it makes sense to me. The two-leggeds running your chemical companies continue to spew out chemicals. And so many of you have not yet learned how it is not necessary to buy these chemicals to kill my beloved six-leggeds or flowers that most of you call “weeds.”

I understand why a good number of you who do know it is not right to use these chemicals carry this anger and sadness. There are those two-leggeds who continue to think drilling or mining is the right way to go—which it is not at all. And this makes for such sorrow especially when there are oil spills and my rivers and streams and bays and even the entire Gulf of Mexico are covered with all those fossilized liquids that I stored under those rocks layers so long ago. Those fossilized things were supposed to stay under the rock layers.

Yes, I can completely see that this would make so many of you so angry and sad, and rightly so. I’m not so happy about it either.


But all of this sadness. It is a collective heavy energy that is not serving me. Nor the dolphins or whales who are so, so sensitive. It is not serving all the healing work that we need across all of me, all of my lands and waters. I know I’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating.

If I could gather all of you up into a huge yoga class, an absolutely huge yoga class where you could all learn breathing techniques, I would have you all learn something called “Mother’s Letting Go to God and Me” breathing prayers. Not sure where you all could gather for such an event. I guess it could be simulcast into football and soccer stadiums around the world. Maybe that would work.

Anyway, this is an ancient, ancient breathing technique (not as old as I am but still ancient) where you take in several long deep breaths and let them go, and allow for your breathing to go deep, deep into your lungs at the last breath in… and you do this several times.

Then take another deep breath in and imagine all that sorrow that you feel inside of you that has been so heavy, and just let that breath absorb as much of that sorrow as you can, and then exhale it out with great force. A huge force. A planet changing force. Just exhale it out. Give it away … let it go … Again, and again … until you feel that sadness budging and gradually loosening its hold on you.

You can also go out to the trees, the standing ones, and seek their help. They love to help two-leggeds with pure hearts who seek to connect with them. Go to the one that calls to you in the subtle ways that plants work and put your hands on that tree and give it love. Send love into the tree through your hands. And ask the tree if he or she would like to help you with your grief. Ask the tree to take it from you. The odds are really good the tree will be ecstatic to help you. And, believe me, they are very capable of taking it away from you. They can be very good at that. It just fills them with such joy to even be recognized and asked. They so long to be seen as the great wise and powerful beings whom they are.

And if there is anything left of that sadness, the deep grief, imagine your taking it into your arms as if it were a woeful little abandoned child and dance with it. Dance slowly and hold this child in your arms, compassionately, gently—with love. Dance this grief up and down the dance floor and into the hallway and back again, and hold the child close to you, so close the child’s heart beats with your heart and the child calms so in your arms and after enough turns and swings, the child begins to let go and cry in your arms, and just sob and sob. And you hold this child of grief to the point of the last gasping sobs where the child calms down so much that you can put her down into her bed. A bed that you set aside especially for her, knowing that there would come a time when she would release and be spent finally of that overwhelming sorrow, and she could finally really rest. Be still and rest.

And when this child wakes up, he or she will be a different child. There will be a sparkle in her eye and lightness to her that you have never experienced before. She will have let go of so much sadness that she finally broke through to the joy on the other side. Such joy, oh, such beautiful joy. Just tickles me to think of this joy.

You might wonder how it is that you or some of your good friends could experience such a joy in the midst of all of these horrific things on the planet. All the contamination. All of the suicide bombings. All of the disease and starvation and rapings, all of it.

Well, that’s the invitation here—to learn how to carry your sorrow with an equal amount of the capacity to be in the moment, in this very moment of one inhalation and one exhalation and feel a great joy for just being alive. Alive in these dangerous and interesting times of great change. The Great Turning—some of you call it. To carry the moment-to-moment wonder and childlike openness and trust in the goodness of most of the two-leggeds around you. There is such goodness. There are so many beautiful hearts in so many of you.

You see, within each of you lies the seed of this new world being birthed right now. So many of you are birthing together, in groups, collectively. That really is the best way to birth it. Or if you’ve been working alone, you will start finding the other two-leggeds to work with. You are planting the seeds of the beautiful future ahead and this is why you are invited to dance. I encourage you to even get out the drums and drum while some dance. Or most dance. However you like it, but the key thing is to celebrate also, and keep that energy moving so it’s not just a heavy sludge of sorrow that you are all wallowing in. I would so like to see you shake that sludge off.

This New World coming in is a beautiful thing to celebrate. It is… I’m greatly excited about it, myself.

Your community gardens. Your attempts to learn consensus decision-making and listen from the heart. Your attempts and great success at learning compassion and openness and trusting that just about every time you plant a seed, a baby plant will grow from that… oh, yes. Your windmills. Your solar panels that tap the beautiful sun’s energy… the small dams in streams that power mills… so many brilliant things that so many of you all are doing. All the different ways that you are working on healing your society’s dysfunctional ways to be in more balance with my ways, Earth Mother’s ways. It is so beautiful.

So, if you are feeling this terrible sorrow, find a tree. As it for help. Or dance with your grief. And go find those other two-leggeds whom are doing such beautiful work to be more sustainable or community-oriented, if you are not as actively involved as they are yet, and join them. Have celebrations. Have parties. Get out the drums. Create ceremony. Offer tobacco to me and all of my beautiful trees, etc., and dance and move that energy. Move your bodies. Sing. Feel the sadness budge and let some joy into those cracks. Yes, feel some good joy, and let it move all around you, within you, and out of you to others.

Be the beautiful seed carriers whom you are—you really are. Be those two-leggeds whom are learning to love me, your Great Mother, and learning how to live in ways that are so healing, so restorative to all that I am. Yes, you can learn to be a seed carrier and really live it. The seed is in within you already. Already there. Just water it with love and devotion and it will root there and you can grow into being the catalysts for this beautiful new world coming up and out today. Today. This very day.

And tomorrow.

And the next day too.

Dance with it, give it compassion and love. And lots of drumming.

And before you know it… we have a new world. It is here. And there is so little need for sorrow because you’re already made it around the Great Turn. To the other side.


I love you all. Love you so, so much!

With dancing, jiggly-earthiness, beautiful hugs… I love you!