Message from Pélé, Tues, May 15th

I actually connected with Pélé this morning and recorded a message from her @ what is going on with her on the Big Island in Hawaii. That was a first. Rather wild. Mother Gaia piped up too.

Plus, plus…

Humbling… to surrender and serve at this level. humbling.

For the sake of expediency (since I’m juggling a bit here, as most of us are), you can read the message in my latest e-Newsletter.

Life is ever the adventure. Oh, my…



artist unknown

The Humpback Whales’ Songs and Spiritual Work off Hawaii

A good friend posted this video about the humpback whales singing off the coast of the Big Island in Hawaii on to my Facebook page. I watched it and tuned in… and this is the info that I received to share at this time about the whales and their songs:

… what the whales are doing are their spiritual work in the ocean there… this is how the frequency/vibration of their songs is helping to keep the spiritual waves in the ocean of high integrity. Of as pure a resonance as they can, given all the contamination in the ocean of nuclear waste, naval sonar, and other human contamination. This is where Granny the orca whale off the coast of WA and Vancouver waters… her communications with the animal communicator (gifted one) Mary J. Getten, are so significant.

The whales play a very important role in the oceans across the globe with their spiritual work via their songs. Scientists will never get this until they start talking with the Animal communicators… The good news is that many folks not constrained by the strict (and restricting) scientific methods are starting to wake up and understand.

I can’t tell you exactly what their songs are saying… would really need to tune in on that level and am being told that is not where my energy needs to go a this point in time. But definitely, this is an ancient, ancient set of songs that reverberate off the ocean floor there and the Big Island of Hawaii to resonate across hundreds and hundreds of miles across the ocean to be part of the vast energetic matrix of light and love energy the whales continue to put forth into the waters of the world.

What the whales are waiting for is us Two-Leggeds to wake up and start to send our Love and Light, along with ceasing the contamination, to help heal the waters around the world. The whales can only do so much. We humans have to join them to really bring about this healing… And the dolphins are waiting too, in addition to all the love and light from their songs too…
Water ceremonies, thanking our waters everyday… sending love and light, even when you flush your toilet, take a shower, drink from a glass… all of these count.

hugs, big love… love and light to our cetacean family members… of whales and dolphins and so much more.     – mare

“Earth Mother” by Artist Josephine Wall

"Earth Mother" by Josephine Wall
“Earth Mother” by Josephine Wall

I am feeling so called to post this artwork here this afternoon. This is not an excerpt of The Great Mother book though who knows? I might want to use this on the cover of the book. Josephine Wall’s artwork so speaks to me… so stunning, so stunning.

I am so blessed, so blessed… Just got off the phone with an Hawaiian Kahuna/Medicine Man. I am not at liberty to use his name here but it is so humbling to work with him. So humbling… Such teachings and so much love in his work. To be able to call him teacher is such a humbling gift.

So I’m passing this gift forward by sharing this image with you all. Beloved ones following this website, this blog representing Earth Mother/The Great Mother’s messages.

in deepest humility and service to the highest good now and into the next seven generations.

Blessings, blessings and Big Love to all,

Ah, a clarification from a friend, as to the title of this painting:

Dearest Mare — when you posted this beautiful piece of art [on Pinterest] yesterday, I went off on the great Internet search to find a print of it to own for the wall over my current altar. I had the devil of a time finding it because I was searching under the title “Earth Mother” from the Pinterest Pin. The actual title of this painting is “Creation of Summer” and it is part of her “Goddess” series of paintings. I thank you for sharing it as I spent a most enjoyable hour immersed in the beauty of her art … Such peace in this picture, such peace, and love.  JH