Message from Pélé, Tues, May 15th

I actually connected with Pélé this morning and recorded a message from her @ what is going on with her on the Big Island in Hawaii. That was a first. Rather wild. Mother Gaia piped up too.

Plus, plus…

Humbling… to surrender and serve at this level. humbling.

For the sake of expediency (since I’m juggling a bit here, as most of us are), you can read the message in my latest e-Newsletter.

Life is ever the adventure. Oh, my…



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Latest Newsletter from Mare – “Mother Has a Plan. Another Initiation… More”

Latest newsletter… whoosh, just sent out in the cyberrealms, to land even here. 😉

Mare’s Oct. 2013 Newsletter… enjoy… ;~)

 Mare’s latest newsletter. I’ll be leading wksps in WA, NC & NYS (Ithaca & Buffalo) in Oct. Then back in MD and WV parts in Nov. all the events are listed in this newsletter. And more… Doing a whole series of Wksps on “Our Earth: Toward a More Sacred Relationship” and one “Sacred Gardening wksp” in Ithaca. Similar but different. Love to all the Sacred Lovers of the Divine here.

Now to  packing to rise at 4:30am to catch a 7am flight to Seattle. Whoosh!

ps. you can also go over to Mare’s events page

Mare with the Bookman - Baltimore Book Festival, 9/28/13
Mare with the Bookman – Baltimore Book Festival, 9/28/13

on this website to see all of her activities in these various locales.

8/2/13 Updates from Mare… Radio Shows, Newsletter, Big Love, etc. ;~)

[The first section of this blog is actually a book called Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the book with the first thirteen Messages at this page. It is also available as a Kindle e-book and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.]


Hi beautiful friends ~

It’s been a while since I posted any new Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother teachings here. There have been so many messages for me personally and burblings of some longer messages to post here eventually but still gestating. (In the very short-term — will put out there though that Mother does not want me going to any centers out there to lead workshops and events where what is encouraged is Wicca with Spell-making, and Magick stuff done from a place of power and ego. Not at all… Long story on that one.)

Just posted this on Facebook re: what the dialogue between myself and Mother sounds like today:

Mare: Criminy, all this promotional stuff is way over the top. It’s hard, it’s stressful. It’s not paying the bills like I thought you had promised. I want to garden, darn it. Please Spirit, just send me out to garden again… please?

Mother: No, daughter… you need to keep on getting those Messages out. You signed up for this… don’t you remember? When you were still a wee, wee thing… you signed up for this because this is what you are capable of doing. You don’t remember that soul contract as well as I do, but you agreed to do this. And keep on trusting, trusting… it will all work out. I love you so much.

Mare: Crap… Crap… sigh… Well, am I allowed the powerful urge to kick you, Mother, in the butt when the slogging has been as thick as this week? I mean, really now… I would like to kick someone’s butt. And you’re the one that I’d really like to kick, sometimes.

Mother: Sure, honey. You can kick my butt. But you’re going to need an awfully huge foot. And I have yet to find my butt, myself, anyway. But if you find my butt… you can kick it. I Love you. Love you so, so much. Now… go ahead and have that temper tantrum you’ve been feeling bubbling up for sometime now. Get that out of your system. It’s not serving you.

Mare: Yeah… you’re right. This is what this feels like. I want to stage a 2yr old temper tantrum. Whaaaaaahhhh!

Mother: You know… there is some dark chocolate there in the freezer for you there. Who says I’m not taking care of you? ;~)

Mare: Good point… might just need to snag some of that chocolate. Mother, what I really could use is a huge hug. Absolutely huge.

Mother: Sweetie, you can take my energy and wrap it around you anytime. Anytime… I’m here for you all the time. I’m hugging you all the time, you just keep on forgetting to bring me closer to you. You’re so lovable and silly. I just can’t even put into words how much I love you.


Mare: thanks. I love you too. Love you.


Anyhow… in the meanwhile, wanted to invite all of you, as all this further gestating takes place, to subscribe to my newsletter at:

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And speaking of radio shows, I have two interviews coming up, one is tonight, 8/2/13. Here is the scoop on those:

— Fri pm, 8/2, with the delightful and gifted Becky Long and Annique Cree at 7pm EST.

— Then next Mon, Aug 5th, at 4pm EST, with the international radio host and more, the lovely Dawn Bournand.

Thank you, amazing ladies, for having me on your shows! Deep gratitude.

And many, many blessings and Big Love to all of you who have been touched by these Messages and the Huge Love that Mother has for us. It is so much Love… so beyond words Love.

May all be touched by Her and healed by Her and the Great Creator’s Love. Their Love is certainly merged together into the Oneness, but we need the balance and the masculine has been so much in power for the past several thousand years, it is time for us to bring the Great Mother back in too.

hug and blessings, blessings from me… mare.

Mare @ Ann Quasman’s radioshow (WomanTalkLive) in Baltimore in late May, 2013. I was wiped after leading a wksp and selling books at a huge festival called KarmaFest outside of Baltimore all day. Still somehow found the energy to show up and say something I hope credible at the interview. ;~)