“With Flowers and Joy” – Poem to the Mother, prompted by stunningness

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I opened my email this morning and and discovered a friend had sent me this stunning link of the photography winners from an international competition that Kew Gardens in England organizes.

“From birds fighting in domestic back gardens, to stunning scenic vistas in remote parts of the world – the colourful entries to the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition are very diverse”  – is the description.

It just took my breath away and put me in an altered and sacred, blissed space. This poem bubbled up from it… to share. I mean, how can we not be in love with a planet, an Earth, Earth Mother, who is so beautiful… how can we not?

(and now i need to harness this blissed state back down into a more grounded state to pay some bills and plow through some admin work… am feeling rather challenged here… ! ;~)


Oh, Mother, Sacred Mother,
How you bless us
With flowers and joy
That dance with the Great Father
Of Sun and Light.
Your waters blissing to
Blue oceans and winds teasing
Our hair, your grasses, your children
Sit in humble prayer,
Foreheads to the ground
In surrender to your stunning
Beauty and
thank you. thank you. thank you

blessings, blessings, Big Love to all