What Would Earth Mother Do?

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Ps… Earth Mother wants this wisdom she has asked me to put into these books (Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother & The Great Mother Bible) to go far and wide, so all my books (including the 1st – If I gave you God’s phone number…. Searching for Spirituality in America) will be discounted to $0.99 – the Kindle versions — this Fri through Sun (April 22, 2016 – April 24, 2016).

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The GREAT LAW Of PEACE & The Peacemaker & The Christ Consciousness

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Whoo-hoo! “The Great Mother Bible” efiles off to Printer!


“The Great Mother Bible” efiles are now in production mode at the printers.  Keeping fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and hard copies are in hand in early Feb. (Ebook is already available at your favorite ebook venues. Kindle. Nook. Smashwords. And other ebook venues.)

What a long strange trip this has been… you all don’t know the bulk of it. Oh, yeah… Let’s just say that you can’t make this stuff up–the adventures getting this book manuscript to this place. At some point I might start sharing them in some writing… perhaps.

Thanks to all the good friends who supported this journey. And it’s only just beginning… you know who you are…

love you!

The Great Mother Bible Book Cover
The Great Mother Bible Book Cover

The Great Mother Bible – Table of Contents

The Great Mother Bible is now available as an Ebook and hard copy on Amazon, and other ebook venues. If you’d like to order a personally autographed copy from Mare directly, go to her personal website: www.marecromwell.com.

For those interested in learning more about the book, here is the Table of Contents.

1. Surrender, Listen, and Show Up

2. Why The Great Mother Bible
               – Who is the Great Mother

3. The Quantum Divine Love of Creation and Earth Mother

4. Miracle-Mindedness When You Surrender
            – About Soul Contracts

5. The Universe is the Greatest Recycler

6. The Sacred Wise Circle

7.  Fear and Cultural Conditioning
          – The Multiverse, Nature Spirits and More Here on Earth

8. Aliens on Earth

9. The Christ Consciousness

10. Soul Woundedness

11. On the Catholic Church and God-Woundedness

12. Sacred Fire EarthMotherPray

13. Gratitude

14. Walking the Beauty Way
    – Listen with an Open Heart
     – Speak with an Open Heart
     – Be Lean of Judgment and Speech
     – Be Open to the Mystery That Lies in People and the World Around You
     – Be Compassionate With Yourself
     – Have a Generous Spirit
     – Find Respect for All
     – Cultivate Silence

15. Sin is an Illusion, Right Action & Wrong Action Are Not

16. Nuclear testing, toxins and entropy

17. Healing the Sacred Feminine – Divine Masculine Wound

18. Love and Love

19. More Magic and Miracles

20. Responses to the Sincere Apology to the Divine Masculine

21. On the Balance

22. To Embody the Sacred Feminine & Divine Masculine

23. A Woman’s Sacred Belly & Kali & Kuan Yin, & Hugging Our Planet

24. Messengers, Messiahs & Mary Magdalene

25. Thoughts, Energy, the Shadow & Technology

26. A Different Take on Extinction

27. Earth Mother Communicates with Us When We Pay Attention….

28. Intentional Suffering is not Prerequisite to Spiritual Growth

29. Soup Love and More Love

39. Tree Spirits, Ice Storms & Sustainability

40. The Miraculous Medal and Virgin Mary

41.  Earth Changes, Rainbow People & Shifting Dimensions

42. The Virgin Mary & Earth Mother

43. Earth Mother Never Abandoned Us. We Abandoned Her.

44. Food of the Gods

45. A Message from Granny

46. The Conversation Never Ends

47.  And Never Ends. But That’s Okay, Too!

(c) Mare Cromwell, Pamoon Press, 2014

On Suffering is Not Necessary to Grow Spiritually – Excerpt “The Great Mother Bible”. 3/4/14

The Great Mother Bible is now available as an Ebook and hard copy on Amazon, and other ebook venues. If you’d like to order a personally autographed copy from Mare directly, go to her personal website: http://www.marecromwell.com.


Mother: I need to talk about this idea that suffering by choice is a path of living. Somehow a while back some ideas were seeded into you two-leggeds that you need to flog yourself either physically or emotionally and this was a good thing. This idea took hold and let’s just say that the song on my planet went down a few notches when this really started to become habitual for you.

This prevalent belief that you are supposed to toil and each day needs to involve some struggle is flawed. Some of you through the centuries wore hairshirts as a bizarre way of reaching the Divine. Why would the Creator/God/Allah ever want someone to suffer as a way of prayer? Then there was self-flagellation. Oh, my, I cringed when I saw what some of these humans were doing as an act of getting closer to their version of God.

Life is supposed to be about celebrating each and every moment as a dance of joy. It’s amazing to be in the body you’ve been given here on me. This splendiferous body where you can dance, touch, walk the ground barefoot in communion with me, have an orgasm of joy ripple up and down your body, and eat chocolate. Peaches. Cherries. Passionfruit. Oh, passionfruit! That’s the thing,WomanGlowEarth you’re supposed to be living passionately, compassionately, in full abundance of energy and … and … somehow this understanding got lost.

Even one of your Catholic saints wrote: “The glory of God is man fully alive.” Some of these saints were spot-on. I loved St. Francis of Assissi. Anyway—alive with joy, with giving, with compassion for all around you including all the four-leggeds, six-leggeds, winged ones and more. Alive with the knowledge that waking up in the morning and sucking air is a miracle along with having delicious food from the local trees and other plants and more.

Alive with gratitude for the Great Father and me and all the other unseen spiritual forces that surround you with love each and every moment all day long and into the night and then the next day. Alive with gratitude for fire even! The fire that warms you, cooks your food, gives you hope of great spiritual connection to the great magic and mystery of life here on me. And if it’s not fire, then your electricity. Taking this love in and giving it back out. To me. To Creator. To your pet, your partner, your colleague at work…

Wisdom of the Geese & Working Together – Poem by David Whyte

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