Prayer to Our Mother – Dale Allen


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Dale Allen has very graciously given me permission to use this prayer in The Great Mother Bible. I am deeply grateful.

Our Mother who art within us,
Each breath brings us to you.
Thy wisdom come,
Thy will be done,
as we honor your presence within us.
You give us this day all that we need.
Your bounty calls us to give and receive
all that is loving and pleasurable.
You are the courage that moves us to be true to ourselves
and we act with grace and power.
We relax into your cycles of birth,
growth, death and renewal.
Out of the womb, the darkness, the void, comes new life.
For you are the Mother of All Things.
Your body is the Sacred Earth and our bodies.
Your love nurtures us and unites us all.
Now and forever more.

Dale Allen


On Suffering is Not Necessary to Grow Spiritually – Excerpt “The Great Mother Bible”. 3/4/14

The Great Mother Bible is now available as an Ebook and hard copy on Amazon, and other ebook venues. If you’d like to order a personally autographed copy from Mare directly, go to her personal website:


Mother: I need to talk about this idea that suffering by choice is a path of living. Somehow a while back some ideas were seeded into you two-leggeds that you need to flog yourself either physically or emotionally and this was a good thing. This idea took hold and let’s just say that the song on my planet went down a few notches when this really started to become habitual for you.

This prevalent belief that you are supposed to toil and each day needs to involve some struggle is flawed. Some of you through the centuries wore hairshirts as a bizarre way of reaching the Divine. Why would the Creator/God/Allah ever want someone to suffer as a way of prayer? Then there was self-flagellation. Oh, my, I cringed when I saw what some of these humans were doing as an act of getting closer to their version of God.

Life is supposed to be about celebrating each and every moment as a dance of joy. It’s amazing to be in the body you’ve been given here on me. This splendiferous body where you can dance, touch, walk the ground barefoot in communion with me, have an orgasm of joy ripple up and down your body, and eat chocolate. Peaches. Cherries. Passionfruit. Oh, passionfruit! That’s the thing,WomanGlowEarth you’re supposed to be living passionately, compassionately, in full abundance of energy and … and … somehow this understanding got lost.

Even one of your Catholic saints wrote: “The glory of God is man fully alive.” Some of these saints were spot-on. I loved St. Francis of Assissi. Anyway—alive with joy, with giving, with compassion for all around you including all the four-leggeds, six-leggeds, winged ones and more. Alive with the knowledge that waking up in the morning and sucking air is a miracle along with having delicious food from the local trees and other plants and more.

Alive with gratitude for the Great Father and me and all the other unseen spiritual forces that surround you with love each and every moment all day long and into the night and then the next day. Alive with gratitude for fire even! The fire that warms you, cooks your food, gives you hope of great spiritual connection to the great magic and mystery of life here on me. And if it’s not fire, then your electricity. Taking this love in and giving it back out. To me. To Creator. To your pet, your partner, your colleague at work…

“Earth Mother” by Artist Josephine Wall

"Earth Mother" by Josephine Wall
“Earth Mother” by Josephine Wall

I am feeling so called to post this artwork here this afternoon. This is not an excerpt of The Great Mother book though who knows? I might want to use this on the cover of the book. Josephine Wall’s artwork so speaks to me… so stunning, so stunning.

I am so blessed, so blessed… Just got off the phone with an Hawaiian Kahuna/Medicine Man. I am not at liberty to use his name here but it is so humbling to work with him. So humbling… Such teachings and so much love in his work. To be able to call him teacher is such a humbling gift.

So I’m passing this gift forward by sharing this image with you all. Beloved ones following this website, this blog representing Earth Mother/The Great Mother’s messages.

in deepest humility and service to the highest good now and into the next seven generations.

Blessings, blessings and Big Love to all,

Ah, a clarification from a friend, as to the title of this painting:

Dearest Mare — when you posted this beautiful piece of art [on Pinterest] yesterday, I went off on the great Internet search to find a print of it to own for the wall over my current altar. I had the devil of a time finding it because I was searching under the title “Earth Mother” from the Pinterest Pin. The actual title of this painting is “Creation of Summer” and it is part of her “Goddess” series of paintings. I thank you for sharing it as I spent a most enjoyable hour immersed in the beauty of her art … Such peace in this picture, such peace, and love.  JH

Wisdom of the Geese & Working Together – Poem by David Whyte

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