Whoo-hoo! “The Great Mother Bible” efiles off to Printer!


“The Great Mother Bible” efiles are now in production mode at the printers.  Keeping fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and hard copies are in hand in early Feb. (Ebook is already available at your favorite ebook venues. Kindle. Nook. Smashwords. And other ebook venues.)

What a long strange trip this has been… you all don’t know the bulk of it. Oh, yeah… Let’s just say that you can’t make this stuff up–the adventures getting this book manuscript to this place. At some point I might start sharing them in some writing… perhaps.

Thanks to all the good friends who supported this journey. And it’s only just beginning… you know who you are…

love you!

The Great Mother Bible Book Cover
The Great Mother Bible Book Cover

Announcing “The Great Mother Bible” – An Early Morning Chat with the Great Mother 1/2/14

The Great Mother Bible is now available as an Ebook and hard copy on Amazon, and other ebook venues. If you’d like to order a personally autographed copy from Mare directly, go to her personal website: www.marecromwell.com.  


It’s now 9:40 pm on Thurs, Jan 2nd, 2014. Just as the Messages came rolling in fast and furious in the summer of 2013, Mother is starting to wake me up again to listening intensely and take notes. This is for a third book to be called “The Great Mother Bible.”

Artwork - Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess”
Artwork – Patricia Telesco, “365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess”

I’ve been instructed by Her to put this dialogue up online and promote it via social media now even though it’s not quite finished. The plan is that the book will be done by the end of the summer and get all formatted, book cover designed, etc, to go to print lickety-split after that.

In the meantime, wish me luck! It’s an adventure working so closely with the Great Mother… that is for sure. Not sure I’d want it any other way now though. Big Love and blessings, blessings to all…    – mare

ps. it’s taken me three years of grappling with lymphoma and fighting tremendously deep fears to be this open about my relationship and teachings from Mother that She wants me to put out for Her. Several gifted Native Medicine people have confirmed that I’m working very closely with Earth Mother. And then the Great Mother came in this winter, also, to talk with me. This is a very humbling, not-so-small path I guess I signed up for… xoxox



Why The Great Mother Bible?

I am waking up your heart. I am transforming you from the inside out. I am making permanent changes in you, so that you can never go back to the pain and suffering of the past. Stay with me.

~ Divine Mother, facilitated by Connie Huebner


Thursday, January 2, 2014
5:10 AM
26º Light snow forecast for the day.


The spiritual listening and writing within this book started officially on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014. As was Mother’s style, I was woken up very early that winter morning. The holidays were over and it was time to get started.


Great Mother: Get up, get up, get up … Mare … yes, I know it’s close to 5 AM but it’s time for you to get up. I love you so very, very much. I love all my humans so, so much and all of your collective foibles, your weaknesses and your great hearts and strengths. I love you all so unconditionally.

Mare, you have been asking me about this book I want you to write. It’s time for us to get started now.

This book, yes, I have asked you to write this with me, and for me. There is a reason I gave you the title The Great Mother Bible in November and I wish for you to keep this title for the book.

For several thousand years, there has been another book called the Bible read by millions. It speaks to a religion or set of religions (Judaism and Christianity) that offer religious/spiritual direction primarily from a Great Father perspective. The original Bible offers some beautiful spiritual wisdom, yet it has been written and rewritten from a strongly patriarchal perspective.

It is time for another book to be offered, a book offering spiritual wisdom and guidance that sources from a more maternal lens on spirituality. There have been too many centuries of patriarchal, controlling religious teachings that have created much imbalance on me these days. Frankly things have started to run amok.

This is this book. It could easily be three thousand pages of teachings and guidance, woven with lovely stories. But I can’t ask you, Mare, to write a three thousand-page book this year. I’m asking you to set aside this winter and spring and listen to me and get these more important teachings down.

We will chat. You will have questions for me about what I’m nudging you to write. You will even have questions about your personal life and I will try to help you with those as your questions are likely to be the same ones that many other humans grapple with also.

It is time to bring balance back to this most amazing planet. It is time for healing to take place on so many levels and for you, my beloved ones, to remember me and bring me back into your hearts so you can learn to live sourcing from a Divine maternal and paternal love in balance. Things have gotten more than a bit off on Earth and this needs to come to an end. A New World is being born these days that will be more balanced. This book, The Great Mother Bible, will be one of many tools to help birth this New World.

Oh, and just because this book is called The Great Mother Bible is not meant to imply the original Bible needs to be replaced completely. This book is to serve as a companion book written from the perspective of the Divine Mother. There is beautiful spiritual wisdom to be found in the original Bible. May it still teach and touch those who open it up. And may they also come to understand that book was compiled by a set of religions that did not recognize me, the Great Mother, as they could have. It is time to right that.


And yes, your other book, Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother, is a prequel to this book.




Message 6 – About Love

[The first section of this blog is actually a book called Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the book with the first thirteen Messages at this page. It is also available as a Kindle e-book and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.]

Mother: Hello, Sarah! Great to see you again! Oh, but you look rather glum this afternoon. What is wrong?

Sarah: Mother, I know it was my turn for a joke. But I’m just not in a good mood for a joke. Please, Mother, tell me about love. Daniel left me about seven weeks ago so he could travel the world. I miss him so. Why is love so painful? Why can’t we love another person without so much heartbreak?

Mother: Oh, Sarah, my love. No worries. We don’t have to do a joke. Love is very hard for my two-leggeds, isn’t it? Here, come over closer to me and let me put my hand on your heart to help it heal.

Sarah went over to Mother’s chair in the Sacred Grove, and Mother put her hand gently on Sarah’s heart chakra and held it there for about thirty seconds. She finally lifted it slowly and gave Sarah a deep warm smile. Once again Sarah felt a shimmering warmth in her heart, similar to Mother’s gift of healing on the day they first met.

Mother: Sarah, just let the energy I gave you sink in. Take some slow deep breaths and just feel whatever is coming up for you. I just gave your heart some healing energy to help you release the pain that had gotten trapped there. You can go back to your chair. You should feel better soon.

Yes, love. Love is such a beautiful and powerful part of your existence, isn’t it? It’s not like most of my beloved creatures who have such strong instincts to mate and then just walk away from each other afterwards. I know some of you two-leggeds do that too, and it is certainly a beautiful way to celebrate your physicality without attachments. But you need to take care to do this with care and sensitivity.

Then there are some of my creatures such as my swans and even black vultures who mate for life and are heartbroken when their mate dies before them. I feel for them, yet that is what these species chose to do way back when they were first evolving. They carry a great heart pain, too, since most of them never find another mate afterwards.

As a Planetary Caretaker I cannot experience that type of romantic love. It’s not as if I can go date other planets and procreate little baby planets. Though the idea rather tickles me.

I know your two-legged romantic love can be so complicated and yet, so simple. For me, as your Earth Mother, true love is a way for you two-leggeds to bring more cherished children into the world. They’ve been blessed with a divine love from the love in your hearts in the moment of their conception. This is a very potent love that will carry with each child forever.

Love is a spiritual journey. Many of you forget this. The journey is never over, and it is a glorious one since your lover is your highest spiritual teacher. They will push you and poke you and tear your heart and spirit open again and again to encourage you to learn about where you need to grow within yourself. It is a journey of learning kindness, compassion and forgiveness and so much more.

If you doubt love or fear that you have none, know that this is never true. You are always loved by myself, your Earth Mother, and by the Creator. Our hope is that you can also discover the love within that you can give to yourself.

Yes, there are so many types of love. Romantic love is only one type. Please know that the Great Mystery and I do not care if you are a man loving a man or a woman loving a woman or a man and a woman loving each other. All we care about is the quality of the love there, and how your hearts and spirits are growing with this love. Ultimately the love you feel there is connecting with the Divine in each other. You can help each other develop your individual Godspaces in a powerful way.

There is the love of a parent toward their child. Or two old friends who have known each other for a long time. Or siblings in a family. Or even a grandparent and a grandchild. Where there is that heart warmth for each other, there is love. My heart sings to see these different types of love.

The mystics know about another love too, the love for the Divine. They bathe and bask in this as you all bask in the arms of your lovers. Yet everyone can learn to give love to the Creator and me, your Mother. The Creator and I are always sending you love, all the time. But this does not mean that you automatically send it back to us. This is your choice.

Ah, yes. Free will.

We do yearn for this love from you since it helps you and your species evolve on my gorgeous planet Earth. When you send this out to us, it is a divine energy that supports me and all the other beings on the planet so, so much, beyond what I can tell you here. But it is up to you to give us that love back, or not.

You can love the plants in your garden and tell them so. You can love the trees in your yard or at the park. You can work with them from a place of prayer. When you see the hawk flying overhead, you can send that hawk love. You are all my children and I do so love all of you. You are all gloriously connected in the dancing web of life on my planet.

As for romantic love, this is a beautiful path that can be a treacherous one too. It is treacherous since so many of you have not grown in your hearts to the extent you could. So you get caught up with attachment, and needs, and ego, and control, and those are cavernous pits that many of you fall into without realizing it.

Do not love out of fear. Love is not owning another two-legged. Love is cherishing and honoring that other two-legged so that they too can grow in their divine love to Creator and me. For the stronger their divine love, the more they will see you as part of the Divine too. And your love, like a passionflower vine with endless and endless blooms of such breathtaking beauty, is a never-ending journey of growth and bliss, and, yes, sometimes even sorrow and pain. But when you feed it by connecting into the divine love from me and from the Creator, oh, it’s so delightful for me. And you. And even the Great Mystery.

Not all romantic love is meant to last forever, though. Sometimes there are soul contracts between you and another two-legged, when you come together to learn and open your hearts and spiritual awarenesses to a certain place. Most times you offer a healing to the other. Then you are each meant to walk away to continue your paths elsewhere.

These are a part of a greater soul contract that each of you agreed to before you were born, when you were still in spirit and preparing to come back here for another incarnation on Earth. Each of you developed such a contract for your work here as a two-legged. Part of that contract involves some of the other beings you will meet along your path, and the ways in which you will help each other. There are a number of things you agreed to do, but most of those are beyond the scope of this message.

If you are suffering from heartbreak, do not curse that other two-legged. You never owned them to begin with. Look into your heart and your mind and see all that they have taught you. Has that two-legged encouraged you to grow spiritually? Have they brought you to a place of deeper compassion in your being? How else have they helped you to grow emotionally?

Celebrate that this other two-legged helped you grow and learn, the one you feel took a hatchet to your heart. And then give that tremendous and awful sorrow and pain to me, your Mother. And to Creator. Give it to us. We don’t want this to fester in you forever. That makes you sour and hurtful. Let it go and give it to us. We can heal anything if you allow us to heal it. But you must give it to us. Some of you use that expression: “Let Go, Let God.” Yes, but don’t forget your Mother also. You can give it to me, too.

Okay, I’ve got some other meetings elsewhere. Some of the Thunderbeings are holding a council and I need to go and moderate. They can be so uppity. I’ve got to try to calm things down.

I love you, Sarah!

I love all of you in ways that you can never know. Such beautiful, incredible ways!