Weighing the Insanity, Knowing Earth Mother is Hard-Wired to Heal

I wonder how many people truly know what it is like to be an Earth Empath, and Gaia Communicator, and to drive by fields that are sickly brown in the midst of a gloriously wet, wet spring, knowing that harsh chemicals have killed all of the plants? All of them.

— And the chemicals have seeped down into the ground water which is where the local farmers and communities source their water. Not to mention wildlife, etc.
— And to hear Mother’s comments, and feel my own grief at this insanity of killing life, again and again and again. With no regard for the wisdom of the Planet. No regard.

Am doing lots of processing and some deep, deep inner work these days, related to so much, and current life sensitivities and seeking, seeking deeply to find peace in the moment, in the midst of these rather insane times.

And I keep on coming back to we humans are only a wink of time. Those of us here now are living in these ‘interesting’ times. And Mother will always heal. And I am healing. And eventually all of those chemicals will break down, even if it takes 1000 years.

Yet… the children, the seeds, the frogs, the whales, the sensitive ones — did they really choose to absorb all of these toxins? Or grow up in a planet that is getting warmer by leaps and bounds, that is not normal — whatever normal is?

I’m not sure what normal means? Perhaps there is a Divine Plan here with all of this?

I need to go play with the trees, and find some otters to swim with, methinks. They always get me out of my funky moods, even if they only join me in the spiritual realms.

What a journey. What an adventure.
It’s all good.
Grist for the mill.

Earth Mother is hard-wired to heal.
She will always heal.

And so will all of us, when we commit to that.
It’s all good.


hugs, bigLove to all,

Message 21 – Be Grounded on my Sacred Ground. Please… ;~)

[The first section of this blog is actually a book called Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother released at the end of October, 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the book with the first thirteen Messages at this page. It is also available as a Kindle e-book and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA, Australia, Great Britain, and other international sites.]


Oh my beloved two-leggeds, how much I love you, so much I love you.

It seems that so many of you on a spiritual path and trying to be divine are, well, forgetting the sacredness of staying in your bodies. And the sacredness of keeping yourself grounded and connected to me energetically.

These are times of great adventures and rocking and rolling here on me, your Mother, these days and I love you all so, so much. But it is easier for me and for you if you can be as grounded as possible.

And many of you are magnesium deficient. With the ways that you all, well—most of you, have been treating my precious soils, let’s just say that the minerals in the soils are not what they could be anymore, at all. So your food is nutrient deficient. You all need more magnesium and this will help ground you and calm you. This is key. And don’t take it with the calcium, take it separately. While you’re at it, take your vitamins too.

And please stop putting all those two-legged made chemicals on the soil, and ground up rocks of fertilizer. You need to spread manure, good, beautiful manure all over those fields and get that soil alive and kicking again. So many acres and hectares and even more acres of my precious soil are practically dead zones compared how all my land used to be. You all have taken most of life out of my fields with all the stuff you use that is focused on killing my precious insect and plant life. Things are running amok. I love that word ‘amok’, by the way. Such a fun word to use.

Okay, I’ve got to run and it’s always such a joy to be giving out these messages and please, please, please, please remember to keep on connecting with me, and staying grounded and walking in a Sacred Way here on me. I need you all to do this.

Love, Love, Love. More LOVE!